New game modes and Fresh DLC come to Call of Duty WWII

This was a busy weekend for Call of Duty WWII as the Resistance DLC pack was officially unveiled. It brings a new set of maps to the popular first-person shooter and missions inspired by the events of World War II. Just as the name suggests, the DLC pack evokes the actions of the resistance fighting against the Nazis. Maps such as Operation Intercept, Occupation and Anthropoid are now available and they appeal to CoD players and history buffs as well.


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Sledgehammer Games chose to mark the occasion with the release of a free map with extra XP that takes players to the Wolf’s Lair. All players, even those who don’t have DLC 1 got the chance to experience the thrills of Valkyrie this weekend. The mission revolves around the events of 1944 at the bunker hidden deep within the Masurian forests of East Prussia. This is the opening map of the The Resistance: DLC 1’s Multiplayer map Valkyrie where players embark on the quest of an assassination attempt.

The new Call of Duty WWII downloadable content pack strives to capture the very essence of the resistance. These new maps faithfully re-create the area surrounding the fortress as well as the bunker itself. Players are given a great deal of freedom in choosing their weapons, with everything from rifles and MG42s, Orsos to LMG and SMG being available. The goal is to provide players with the means to play on their strengths and improvise, while taking part in a memorable quest.

Ground War Has Returned To Call of Duty: WWII

Sledgehammer Games is on a releasing spree, with more new content to be unveiled in June. Players who were concerned that the popular Ground War mode is only here temporary need not to worry. It was announced as a permanent addition on May 16 and next month it will be joined by One Shot. Both of them will stay in the game indefinitely, after making a brief return in previous CoD installment.

call of duty ww2

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Players who prefer to wield snipers will be delighted to hear that One Shot will be introduced this week. This is a game mode that was initially unveiled during the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare installment. It comes in two flavors, the TDM and Domination modes and both of them will be available in CoD: WW2. To stay in the loop with the latest releases as well as the rumors, players should check out the SDG community updates.

Meanwhile, the emphasis is on extracting the most from the Valkyrie map which focuses on the innermost complex of Wolf’s Lair. Developers have initially reduced the size of this map, which remains an accurate historical representation. The map was free on Memorial Day Weekend, but Call of Duty WWII players can also enjoy its Moshpit Playlist. Those who do will receive twice as much experience points for soldiers, division and weapons until May 29that 10 AM PT.