LA Thieves Win First CDL Major; Champs Line-up Confirmed

This weekend, Major IV took place in Brooklyn, standing firm as the perfect end to a remarkable Call of Duty League season. For some teams in the CDL, it marked their last appearance in the League, as four of the teams competing crashed out of the tournament, failing to qualify for the Call of Duty League Championship. With all the gusto of a shocking twist, LA Thieves rocketed to victory at Major IV, beating Atlanta FaZe twice and knocking out the New York Subliners, the ultimate underdog team.

It was a sweeping win for the LA Thieves, a team that, up until this point, has failed to gain traction in the Call of Duty League. This victory made history in more ways than one, as this season of the Call of Duty League boasted a remarkable trend: every Major tournament was won by a different team. However, the Subliners almost put an end to the LA Thieves’ run, coming into the Major with searing hot momentum and making it all the way to the Grand Final.

There’s a huge amount to discuss – let’s get stuck in.

New York Subliners Are Going To Champs

For several months, the New York Subliners were on the back burner, sitting at the bottom of the table and gaining no ground. However, in the last few weeks of the tournament, NYSL burst into action as the team clicked and things just began working. In a sweeping final stage, the Subliners secured a 4 – 1 record, made the Winners Bracket at Major IV, and then beat Rokkr, Florida, and LAT back-to-back.

It went down to the wire in the Grand Final fixture, ultimately ending up with a 5 – 3 scoreline in LAT’s favour, but regardless of that loss, NYSL became the last team to qualify for Champs. It was a breakneck run by the New York squad, and the final few fixtures were nothing short of remarkable.

For LA Thieves, Major IV became the organisation’s first big win in the Call of Duty League ever. There was a $200k prize waiting for the squad at the end of it, and it was definitely well deserved. At one point, it seemed as though Atlanta FaZe would make a gauntlet run in the Losers Bracket after being knocked down by LAT, but it wasn’t to be. With Kenny absolutely frying in the AR role, Octane snapping shots with a rifle, and both Drazah and Envoy breaking hills and slaying out, LAT was unstoppable.

Best Season On The Worst Game?


When Call of Duty: Vanguard launched, it was to an overwhelmingly negative reception. As the Call of Duty League approached, even the best Call of Duty players ever were feeling apprehensive. When the season opened up, viewership was rocky, but on a retrospective level, this was perhaps one of the best seasons in the history of the League. It was almost perfectly balanced, with every Major seeing a different team rocket to victory, some of which nobody could have predicted.

While Atlanta FaZe topped the table and produced a remarkable record once again, the team never felt unbeatable. Although Call of Duty: Vanguard is seen as being one of the worst titles in the history of the franchise, it did offer a relatively stable platform for the League. As the Call of Duty League Championship approaches, players will have to get stuck into the Vanguard platform once again, but from 2023, they’ll be switching over to Modern Warfare II.

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty betting, you’ll want to keep an eye on the opening fixtures at COD Champs:

  • Seattle Surge vs. London Royal Ravens
  • Boston Breach vs. LA Thieves
  • Toronto Ultra vs. OpTic Texas
  • NYSL vs. Atlanta FaZe

We’ll see many changes take place as the League transitions into the 2023 season, and once Champs is over, we’ll see very little in the way of COD tournaments for more than seven months. Enjoy it while it lasts!