Call of Duty celebrates the 4th of July with Liberty Strike Event

This is a busy week for Americans who celebrate 4 July, but also for Call of Duty: WWII players from all over the world. That’s because the popular first-person shooter marks the occasion with a new event called Liberty Strike. Sledgehammer Games broke the news at the beginning of last week, but the event will only come to an end on July 24. This means that players have two full weeks to take advantage of the content and customize their gear.

Decorate your profile with a flag

Call of Duty: WWII players from the US will surely appreciate the opportunity of flying the Star-Spangled Banner this week. Those who play the game from other countries will be able to decorate their profile with the national flag. Everything from the Canadian Mountain Division uniform adorned with the maple leaf, to the Brazilian flag is available.


There are four new weapons to check out during the Liberty Strike event, three guns and a melee weapon. Call of Duty: WWII fans already have an impressive arsenal at their disposal, but these new additions are guaranteed to spice things up. Those who appreciate submachine guns can wield the ZK-383 and switch from “fast fire” to “slow fire” based on circumstances. The AVS-36 rifle is perfect for those situations when you want to gun down enemies quickly, while snipers get the De Lisle with suppressor.

Perhaps the most exciting addition is the push dagger, a small but deadly melee weapon. All it takes is one-hit to kill your target, so the real challenge is to sneak behind the unsuspecting victim. These weapons will be available throughout the event, so those who are late to the party need not to worry.

Bonus experience and new challenges

The Liberty Strike Event will also present players with the chance of earning twice as many experience points. By using the new weapons, they will accumulate XP faster and move up the ranks sooner, which is a win-win situation. Sledgehammer Games will update its social media page to let players know about the best ways of raking up those experience points.


Those who were hoping for a Community Challenge to go with this event won’t be disappointed. All participating players are expected to earn a total of 260 million match wins. This looks like a tall order, but every victory secured in multiplayer matches counts, so this is not an insurmountable obstacle. The entire community will benefit from its achievement, with new emblems, free weapon variants and a brand-new calling card. Last but not least, the American II M1911 Variant, and the Independent II M1 Grand Variant will be unlocked when the community hits Tier 3, respectively Tier 5.

A new event would be incomplete without something to reward fans of the zombie modes. Call of Duty: WWII players should know that Zombies unlockable uniforms are available for those who complete orders and contracts in the Nazi zombies game modes.