Warzone’s Operation Monarch Divides the Community

For the next two weeks, Warzone players will be able to fight against iconic ‘titans’ in Operation Monarch. This Limited-Time Mode ‘LTM’ pits regular, everyday Warzone players against the likes of King Kong and Godzilla, live and in-game, exclusively in Caldera. For some, this is a whirlwind of excitement, bursting at the seams with high-octane, exhilarating action. However, for some, including some of Warzone’s top content creators, it’s an embarrassing and childish event that must be avoided at all costs.

When it comes to Operation Monarch, where do you sit? Are you in agreement that it’s a shambolic event, or are you falling in love with the titanic mode?

Operation Monarch: For Better or Worse

Within hours of the event going live, some of the highest-paid streamers on Earth were voicing their opinions. For instance, DrDisrespect, a long-time Warzone streamer and a lover of all things battle royale tweeted:

While most fans agreed with the Two-Time, there were some that fired back against him. In one response, a Twitter user wrote, “Your persona is like the epitome of a superhero comic book character created by a 9-year-old.” It seems that the driving issue behind the Operation Monarch event is that it’s relatively juvenile. Even the skins released as part of the event-specific bundles are arguably aimed at a younger audience.

For example, Warzone players can gallivant around Rebirth Island and Caldera dressed as a gorilla or a glorified dinosaur. It has also been pointed out that, in some ways, King Kong and Godzilla have no real place within Warzone – it just doesn’t make sense. In Nickmerc’s opinion, the event is underutilised, with the two titans never even noticing that the other exists on the map:

Why Does Operation Monarch Even Exist?


This latest event comes out of Activision’s desire to introduce the ‘Monsterverse’ to Call of Duty. However, despite this event being based on the 2021 Godzilla vs. Kong movie, there’s no ‘versus’ to actually speak of. Instead, players can assume temporary control, in a way, of each titan, leading them on a designated path of destruction against their opponents.

Recently, we discussed whether Caldera was killing Warzone – potentially, these bizarre, poorly aimed events may be contributing to that claim.

Ultimately, it’s ‘just another’ Limited-Time Mode for players to enjoy – for bettor or for worse. There are a string of items to unlock simply by playing the new mode, but they’re restricted to sprays, icons, and calling cards. There were several key (negative) points summarised by the Twitter page, ModernWarzone:

  • Marketing didn’t match gameplay
  • Would rather have a Fortnite style passive event that’s choreographed
  • Rewards are lacklustre
  • No Godzilla vs. Kong fight

However, if there’s one message that could sum up the division of the community regarding Operation Monarch, it’s this: