The most stacked Warzone Wednesday to date

We’re already in week 7 of Keemstar’s Warzone Wednesday FPS tournaments – and it’s the biggest one yet. Some of the biggest streamer names are joining in on the action and duking it out for that $20.000 prize money.

Former CS:GO pro and legendary streamer Shroud is joining in for the first time – and playing with him are familiar names like Nadeshot, Ninja, Aydan, Dr Disrespect and NICKMERCS. In other words – this is going to be the biggest and most exciting tournament so far!

The most stacked Warzone Wednesday to date

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The schedule

The tournament starts at 9pm BST and will probably run for about seven hours (at last based on previous events). Sixteen teams in total will be competing in the knockout tournament. To keep things interesting, the setup is a double-eliminaton bracket with duos up against each other joining a party as a squad.

This may sound a bit odd, but by cooperating, they can compete for kills – and the duo with the most kills across two games proceeds to the next round. The losers drop into the lower bracket where they get one more chance to fight for the win – another loss though, and they’re out.

Watching the games

If you want to watch the tournament take place, you can do so in a ton of places! Obviously Keemstar’s Twitch channel will feature the entire event series, but you can also tune into individual players channels to watch things through their eyes.

Particularly popular choices are, of course, Dr.DisRespect who is teaming up with Ninja, NICKMERCS who is teaming up with Swagg and Nadeshot who is playing with Cloakzy.

Event series

In the middle of cancelled events and quite a slow esports news period, quarantined Call of Duty players have been more than happy with the Warzone Wednesday series. The appeal is broad – both for players that want to learn how to better themselves as a teammate, and those who just want to watch their favourite streamers compete for the fun of it (and, of course, the prize money).

A total of 32 streamers are and have  been participating in the series so far, with shroud just being the latest addition to the group. If this week’s event is anything like previous ones, it’ll see a set of fast-paced games with a lot of action – that’s what the Warzone Wednesdays so far have delivered, at least!

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