Three new multiplayer maps added to Call of Duty WWII

There’s a new downloadable content pack that Call of Duty: WWII fans can enjoy in July. On June 27, PlayStation 4 players got the chance to play their favorite game on three brand-new multiplayer maps.

Call of Duty: WWII United Front DLC pack is the third for this game and it gets players fully immersed into three classic battlefields. The new maps go by the name of Market Garden, Monte Cassino and Stalingrad and for history buffs, these names speak for themselves.

Fight The Most Intense Battles on the Western Front

Market Garden was a key chapter of World War II, so not surprisingly, these new map get Call of Duty: WWII excited. Players are pit against each other on a relatively small map and try to survive in a bloody urban warfare. Taking control of the central mansion is essential to take out opponents, but on this map great reflexes are essential.

Call Of Duty WWII

Submachine guns and shotguns will come in handy, but snipers will have their fair share of opportunities. Players are expected to use the Cavalry and Iron Shield to soak up damage. Market Garden is a map that appeals to those who like to surprise opponents and enjoy close combat.

Free Italy one frag at a time

Monte Cassino is the most complex of the three maps released in the new downloadable content. It has three lanes and requires players to make a swift transition between exterior and interior combat. Players are invited to take the fight to their enemy, instead of lurking in the shadows.


Aggressive play is rewarded and the most suitable weapons for this map are submachine guns. Snipers will be hard-pressed to find a secure place on rooftops and deliver killing grows upon unsuspecting enemies. Monte Cassino is a really beautiful map, which evokes memories for veteran Call of Duty players.

No step back comrades!

Each map available in the Call of Duty: WWII United Front DLC is exciting, but Stalingrad is arguably the best for snipers. Two opposing forces have divided the city and they rain down indiscriminate justice upon those who roam the open ground.

Sharpshooters can secure elevated positions and take out enemies who venture into the foundry and fuel pump platforms in the middle of the map. While long-range weapons have a clear advantage on this map, there’s plenty of room for those who prefer close combat. Submachine guns, shotguns and pistols are deadly in the sewers and inside crumbling buildings.

These three new maps should keep players at the edge of their seats for many weeks. Call of Duty WWII developers promise to follow through with more downloadable content packs until the end of 2018. The ones preceding United Front DLC brought plenty of new content and these three maps show a lot of promise. In June and August, there are also Call of Duty WWII tournaments scheduled, so players can take a break from gaming and watch professional players compete for big prizes and glory.

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