Cooldown and OpTic Gaming launch esports viewing parties for pubs

This week a new service called Cooldown has launched bringing esports into a new territory.

The service allows fans to organize viewing parties in local bars or pubs. They’ll be able to host their own viewing events, so fans can watch the biggest esports tournaments in a public setting. With many in-person esports events still off the table, this can go some way towards bringing a sense of community back to watching games. This is what you need to know about the service, and its partnership with OpTic Gaming.

Cooldown Optic

Cooldown Esports Viewing Party Service

Cooldown has launched in the UK; this is a rebrand of a previous service called Mylocalesportsbar. This has added a lot more functionality and should help to make the service a lot more useful for fans. It allows esports viewers to organize and ask for viewing parting in local bars. They can request an event, and if the arrangements can be made, easily set-up a viewing party for the specific esport that they follow. This will attract esports fans to the bar, and give them a comfortable place for communal viewing.

At the moment, the service doesn’t include too many bars partnered. Outside of London However, this is sure to expand as things get up and running. The Cooldown service is being ran by AB InBev, who are one of the largest distributors for pubs and beer brewers in the UK. The brewer is mainly known for producing Budweiser, Stella, and some smaller brands like Camden Town Brewery. However, their distribution system puts this service directly in contact with a huge network of UK pubs. They’re international too, which means Cooldown could expand out to other territories if successful.

Cooldown Partner with OpTic Gaming

Cooldown is launching with a partnership with OptIC gaming, to help make fans aware of the platform initially. It is going to see a big giveaway and tournament take place. There will be gaming prizes handed out, including PS5s and gaming chairs. On top of this, a tournament is being held to celebrate the launch of the service. A Call of Duty Major is going to be held with integration with Cooldown events.

OpTic Gaming has a relatively big following in the UK, so this exposure should help fans to take a look at Cooldown and try their services out.

Esports Viewing Parties

In traditional sports, being able to view a match that’s inaccessible at the pub with other fans is a pretty important part of the culture. Esports largely hasn’t gone into this territory before. There are some dedicated esports and gaming venues, but these largely function as places to play games, not watch. The Cooldown service is the only one of its kind operating at the moment, but there’s a key reason which can help make this a success.

Esports in general has a large fanbase, but often it is unevenly distributed. It encompasses a big spread of games. A pub hoping to show an esports match would be taking a gamble on which is popular in their area. Cooldown allows fans to talk directly with organizers, so events that are sure to attract a big enough crowd are organized without the risk. If you’re interested in esports betting, then services like Cooldown are going to be great for setting up in-person viewing events to share ideas and betting tips. On top of this, it could possibly help to connect esports fans in local areas to other like minded people.