Heroic Flop in 1st Round of PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 RMR Open Qualifiers

The entire 1st round of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 RMR Open Qualifier is now complete, with the EU bracket in particular throwing out a few surprise results. No more so than Heroic, who crashed out in the Round of 64 to Nemiga despite being 9-1 up at one stage. We wanted to take a look at some of the teams who have progressed already, as well as some who will be having another try in the 2nd round of Open Qualifiers!

PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

Credit: PGL

Team performances

In the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 RMR Open Qualifier, the NA and SA regions gave us little in the way of surprises. Teams such as Liquid, NRG, and Legacy all qualified with ease. Liquid’s all-star CS2 roster clicked fast in its first outing. However, over in the EU Qualifiers, it was a different story.

While fnatic, ex-Thunderflash, Entropiq, and KOI all got the job done, teams like 9INE, OG, TSM, BLEED, and Heroic all faltered at various stages. It’s a big blow in particular for Heroic, who must be seen as one of the big favorites to progress here. Not doing so would be an undeniable disaster for the organization, even with the Heroic roster drama over the last few months.

IEM Dallas 2023

TeSeS at the last Major – will he miss the next one? Credit: Stephanie Lindgren | © BLAST

The best-of-1 format is absolutely brutal, especially in MR12. We were always going to see a few good teams stumble, but even still, we expect to see the cream of the crop always rise to the top in a format with so many chances.

How many more chances in the RMR Open Qualifier?

In most regions, teams who falter in the 1st stage of the RMR Open Qualifier don’t need to be too worried yet. EU teams have another three chances over the next week, so Heroic needn’t hit the panic button right now. Meanwhile, NA and SA teams have just one more attempt each, with the Asia-Pacific RMR Open Qualifiers all at their conclusion already.

With four teams proceeding from each round, that makes a total of 12 EU teams, four NA teams, and four SA teams still waiting to determine their fate in the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 RMR Open Qualifier.

Cheating problems

Unfortunately, the nature of the online Open Qualifier has meant that the games so far have been plagued with cheating problems. KOI, who secured their place in the Closed Qualifier, were initially eliminated by Never More in the Round of 128. This was swiftly overturned after it was deemed wallhacks were used. Keep an eye out over the next few days to see if it remains an issue throughout the competition.

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