ropz Tracking For Another MVP To Confirm Status As The Best CS2 Player

There is no question who the best team in CS2 are at the moment. FaZe Clan have gotten off to a roaring start, winning every single tournament they’ve entered so far. Their recent comeback against Cloud9 at the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 was exceptional, and just the latest in a long line of victories, often against all odds.

At the heart of this renewed aura of invincibility is ropz. No one in CS2 has put up better numbers so far, not even ZywOo. He’s the star of the show right now, popping off on just about every map. So, how has he done it? Let’s take a look.

It All Began in Sydney

IEM Sydney 2023 Grand Final

Credit: Helena Kristiansson | © ESL

When FaZe exploded at IEM Sydney 2023, it felt like they were back. They lost their opener against GamerLegion, but it was smooth sailing from there. There, ropz was the clear MVP, and the same could said about their wins at the Thunderpick World Championship 2023 and CS Asia Championships 2023.

With his time and dedication toward CS2, ropz had propelled himself into the conversation as the best CS player in the world.

ropz at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023


Credit: Stephanie Lindgren | © BLAST

At the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023, ropz has shown no sign of slowing down. FaZe opened their account with a 2:0 win over Ninjas in Pyjamas. There, ropz never even looked tested. Even when FaZe did finally drop a map against Cloud9, he went 19:13, outperforming every single one of his teammates.

He was crucial as FaZe went on to wipe the floor with Cloud9 in the second map, a comfortable 13:2 win that he made look easy. In fact, the only time ropz has looked mortal is the overtime comeback against Cloud9 in that final decider map.  Luckily, he had his incredible teammates to cover that one off game.

If ropz continues playing as he has done throughout the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 Group Stage, he’s an absolute shoo-in to pick up another MVP in CS2. If he does, there can be absolutely no doubt who the best CS2 player in the world is currently.

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