Earn crypto from playing mobile games on Ignite Tournaments

Ignite Tournaments is a platform for the mobile gamers who want to get more from their gaming experience.

They are the first Play-To-Earn gaming platform specifically for mobile gaming. With how prominent mobile gaming has become over the past few years, and its emergence within the blockchain, it was only a matter of time for something like Ignite to pop up.

Back in March 2022, they managed to gain a huge $10 million in funding from keen investors as the funding was hosted by Yield Guild Games and Ascensive Assets.

Names like Animoca Brands who are behind the popular The Sandbox metaverse experience jumped in on the funding.


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What is the Ignite Tournaments platform?

Ignite Tournaments is bringing a new competitive flare to crypto mobile gaming as their platform allows gamers to win NFTs and crypto from competing against others.

This is a new concept not experienced before as the team behind Ignite have brought the web3 concept of Play-To-Earn to traditional web2 mobile gaming. It also acts a hub of sorts for gamers as they are able to see leaderboards, talk with others in their community and organise tournaments to face off for bragging rights.

Winner, winner crypto dinner

Earning on the Ignite gaming platform has never been easier and more transparent. Players who are victorious in their matches are able to receive quick and easy payments in both crypto and also FIAT currency.

Ignite really is the future of competitive web3 mobile gaming as their payouts are available “in any cryptocurrency”. So if you love Ethereum you are covered, or alternatively Solana, Ripple and Bitcoin will also be available.

One thing that has held many traditional esports platforms back is the payout times for winners. There have been cases where teams/players have not received their winnings for a long amount of time.

Ignite Tournaments has managed to shift the status quo on long waiting periods for payouts. They currently have a 24/7 payout system which means winners will receive their winnings in a matter of minutes, a cool incentive to get involved for sure.

$TENKA token

Ignite has its very own native governance token that allows you to get more out of your gaming experience. By staking Tenka, players are able to farm more tokens when playing against one another.

A clever feature for $TENKA is the longer a tournament goes on, the more tokens are farmed for those involved. Currently the token is not available and does not have any trading history. It is registered on CoinMarketCap meaning its release is on the horizon.

Every player that signs up to the Ignite gaming platform will have their very own non-custodial wallet. This means there is no need to link any other wallet like Trust Wallet or Metamask.


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Gamer Tokens (NFTs)

Users of Ignite Tournaments are in with the chance of earning “Gamer Tokens” which are Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These top NFT tokens are tied to a player’s performance on the platform so the better you compete the more rewards.

Gamer Tokens have a whole host of utility within the ecosystem of Ignite. They can be traded, upgraded, placed on leaderboards and are personalized to you.

NFT trophies, skins, weapons and pets can also be earnt to customize your Gamer Token avatar.

Available Games on Ignite

Currently no games are listed for Ignite. Their whitepaper is stating that you are able to suggest games for the platform’s release.

As long as it is a mobile game with ranked mode, has competitive elements and features zero pornographic gameplay/content.

We can imagine games like Hearthstone, Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite will make it onto Ignite, time will tell though!

Be sure to check out Ignite Tournaments if you are an avid gamer who wants to earn some lucrative rewards for playing your favorite mobile games.

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