Meet the rising Esports stars playing Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a prominent title both within crypto gaming and the professional esports scene as of late. They have held a few tournaments and events up until this point boasting huge prize pools and audiences worldwide.

Like many games played professionally, such as CS:GO, Call of Duty and Fortnite, certain players become hot topics amongst fans. Their flare and overall skills showcased in their matches bring audiences back time and time again, leaving them at the edge of their seats.

If you are new to Axie Infinity or are looking to get into the esports side of this thriving blockchain gaming experience, be sure to read on as we uncover some of the hottest talent currently playing!

Theeban Siva – “1437”


@ Theeban Siva

Our first player you need to be looking out for is Theeban Siva, formerly known as “1437” for the Axie Infinity best team Metat8.

1437 is from Ontario, Canada and since the inception of Axie Infinity has become an important figure, both as a solo and team player. Before playing Axie, Siva was a DotA 2 pro player, so many readers may recognise his name from his time playing that game.

Theeban has just recently won the Axie Infinity: Origins seasons championship. He has done this for a 3rd successive time now, a great accomplishment.

Not only that, but his team Metat8 won the Axie Infinity World Championship event last year in Barcelona. This gives them ultimate bragging rights within the Axie Infinity community and even in general esports as it was one of the first notable events held for a web3 based game.

At the AxieCon event, Theeban managed to secure a flawless 12 win streak in the Origins matches. His transition to web3 after a 10 year stint in traditional gaming was definitely a good one as the momentum of success has crossed over nicely.


Our next player to keep an eye on Zeliaser. He is an up and coming Axie Infinity player that really is proving his talent. He plays under Yield Guild Gamers, which is one of the biggest web3 gaming guilds currently active.

Zeliaser is somewhat of a new player with a fairly modest following on social media. However, he is a rising star as he is consistently playing Axie tournaments and streams over on Twitch also.

Zeliaser has just ranked extremely well in the Axie Infinity Final Era Leaderboards, finishing the highest out of all of those representing Yield Guild Gamers. He positioned 6th which is a great achievement considering the competition.

He streams in Spanish, if you are just there for the Axie action then this won’t be an issue!

Axie Origin or Infinity v2

@ Axie Infinity


Our third pick for Axie Infinity professional players to look out for is Stark. He is currently enrolled with the Qu3st organisation who have been running rampant in the esports and Axie Infinity as they are dubbed the leaders of the Axie Infinity Creator Program.

Stark is from Lyon, France and so far has built quite the online following, boasting more than 40, 000 Twitter followers to date. We imagine he will grow in popularity as Axie Infinity does!

Crypto gaming can be competitive, which is fun and engaging for audiences. A quick look over his Twitter and you can see Stark really cares about the Axie community.

He offers followers insights into the different matches he has played, Axie Infinity breeding guide and often reshares other content creator’s posts.

If you are looking for a fun, interactive member of the community to keep tabs on, be sure to check out Stark.

Axie Infinity Pro Teams

Above we have listed some of our favourite stand out pros for their individual skill and personality. We appreciate however we will have missed off many players, and with that in mind below you can find out about the top teams and organisations operating within the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

Some notable teams to take note of in the space are:

  • Cloud9
  • Kind Guild
  • Qu3st
  • Metat8
  • Yield Guild Games
  • Axie.GG
  • Method MetaGuild

These teams stream regularly and always provide a stellar performance. The leaderboards for Axie Infinity are always infested with the above names so if you are looking for some true blockchain action we recommend checking them out!