With the popularity the game is gaining, there’s no way that you haven’t heard of Axie Infinity. The crypto breeding game has attracted millions of players all across the globe and it enjoys a very active community. Considering the latest meta reports and our observations, we have picked some of the Axie Infinity best teams. 

Axie Infinity Best Teams

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Axie Infinity Best Teams: Know the Axie Basics

Before you venture into the Axie Infinity marketplace and get the first three Axies you see, you need to know the basics. If you have played RPG or MMORPG games before, then you might be familiar with the attributes of the in-game characters. The Axies in Axie Infinity, too, have similar gameplay.

  • All the Axies are divided into six different types – Aquatic, Beast, Bird, Bug, Dawn, Dusk, Plant, and Reptile.
  • On top of this, each Axie has six attributes or traits that add to the four stats. The highest stat score an Axie reaches is 165 points. The four stats are – Skill, HP, Speed, and Morale.
  • All Axies have six body parts – Back, Ears, Eyes, Horns, Mouth, and Tail.

Tanks and Damage Dealers

The Axies in your team gets assigned two roles – Defenders (Tanks) and Attackers (Damage Dealers). Of course, the Tanks take the most damage. So you need a robust Axie on your squad that can absorb damage and shields other Axies. Many players prefer Reptile or Plant Axies as their Tanks.

Meanwhile, the Damage Dealers are your attackers. The attackers have high attack speed and morale. However, their HP is low, which makes them vulnerable. Usually, they are shielded behind the Tanks. Players often prefer Beasts or Birds as their Damage Dealers.

Axie Infinity Best Teams to Pick

As a beginner, you might be baffled by the sheer variety of Axies on the marketplace. Every Axie seems cuter than the other. This is why we narrowed down the choices for you. 

1. Aqua, Reptile, Plant

As of now, this is one of the strongest combinations for PvP battles. Plant Axie can shield your Aqua and Reptile attackers. In fact, Reptiles also double up as a second Tank. 

2. Dusk, Dusk, Plant

The double Dusk combo and a Plant is another balanced team. The Dusks can attack while the Plant defends.

3. Bird, Aqua, Aqua

Undoubteldy, Bird Axies make a powerful attacker and the two Aqua Axies can heal your team and shield the Bird from damage. 

4. Plant, Beast, Bird

Again, Plants as the Tanks, can move ahead and take hits. Meanwhile, Beasts and Bird form a very powerful and balanced team. 

5. Plant, Beast, Beast

This combination is similar to the ‘Plant, Beast, Bird’ team. You can replace the Bird member with the Beast one. 

How to Build a Balanced Team with Axie Infinity?

As such, there is no surefire team comp that is unbeatable. To help you build a powerful team, here are some points to consider:

  • A team should have a Tank with high HP, healing cards, and shield. Tank’s job is to survive and defend.
  • The Damage Dealing Axies should have high skill and morale. Two or three of the Axie Infinity cards should deal high damage. Their HP is going to be low.
  • If possible, the third card can be of assistance to the above two cards. Or you choose another Damage Dealer.


If you want a balanced team, then you cannot go wrong with these combos:

  • Beast, Bird, Plant
  • Aqua, Beast, Plant
  • Aqua, Aqua, Plant

Don’t know how to start playing Axie Infinity? Don’t worry, we have put together a detailed guide on how to start playing Axie Infinity. You can also check out our Axie Infinity review to weigh the pros and cons before getting started.