Top Gaming NFT collections on Binance Marketplace

Binance has jumped into the NFT space like many other crypto asset exchanges. They released their NFT platform back in 2021 a couple months before the crypto winter struck the market.

Despite the rockiness experienced for both crypto and NFT markets, their NFT marketplace has proven a hit with fans. When a governing body like Binance creates a platform like this, it bridges the gap for newcomers to enjoy Web3 technologies as they are globally recognised.

Crypto games and NFTs go hand in hand as they offer more lucrative opportunities for those playing the games and holding the digital collectibles.

With that said, let’s run through some of the top gaming NFT collections currently available on the Binance NFT Marketplace. Who knows, by the end of this article you may have found some new cool projects to jump into!

Gaming NFTs on Binance

Gaming NFTs have proven popular on Binance’s platform, with the total volume being $1,055,837,713 and a total of $52,544,925 being staked at the time of writing.

So far Binance has proven a force for gamers and NFT fanatics. Let’s look deeper into the collections you may want to invest in for 2023 and beyond.

DeRace Gameplay

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DeRace is an NFT horse riding game for the metaverse. So if you are a fan of horse racing or maybe even have your own pet horse, this could be for you.

Similar to other crypto games available, DeRace is based off of in-game breeding mechanics, levelling up your horse NFTs. You then put them to the test in races against other players for cash rewards and leaderboard bragging rights.

There are different tiers to the NFTs that are called “Horse Tickets”, they include:

  • Olympian
  • Demi-god
  • Alfa
  • Beta
  • Omega

The gameplay for the Derace crypto game is smooth and we can imagine more updates are to come as their timeline advances.

The current floor price for a Horse Ticket NFT on Binance is 1799.82 USD, so not cheap by any means.

However there are multiple ways for players to earn income from this game so you will be able to make your money back if played correctly.

This is the first game of its kind as it incorporates NFTs, horse racing and sports betting into a blockchain based game.

DeRace is also set to come to mobile devices, making it more accessible to earn on the blockchain. Prices for the NFTs to date have increased by 33.5% on Binance NFT marketplace.

Stepn – Stepn x ASICS


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Our next top gaming NFT collection comes from Stepn, the “Move-To-Earn” game that has had great reception from blockchain gamers so far. They so far have released different NFT collections with sports brands, this one being with ASICS.

On the Binance NFT Marketplace there are 2 types of NFTs from this collection, they are:

  • NFT Sneakers
  • Shoe Boxes – NFT Sneaker mystery boxes

These NFTs have a considerably lower floor price, starting at 35.99 USD. Prices can go all the way up to the hundreds of thousands. We recommend not paying that as it is more than likely someone just trying their luck. Most of the NFTs sit at around the cool $100+ so fairly accessible.

Stepn pays you to exercise. By holding the sneaker NFT players walk around and go on runs to collect the in-game currency $GMT.

It is a great app for those looking to get more out of their exercise routine, or are looking for a reason to keep on top of their health.

Stepn seems to have the saying “health is wealth” in mind with their project, as players online have commented on the lucrative returns this game has churned out. Once you get past the barrier of entry, the NFT price tag, you can start earning.

There is also an NFT explained rental service. Meaning you can rent an NFT sneaker or rent out your own to other players.

Dark Frontiers


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Our final top pick comes from Dark Frontiers. This game is somewhat under the radar but since finding this game, we have not been able to take eyes off it.

To set the scene, this game is a 3rd person open world NFT game set in a futuristic space setting. The aim of the game is to travel around the Moon and other planets as the earth has become a derelict place, building your land, levelling up your characters and battling enemies.

It looks great so far with an array of NFTs being made available for this game already including in-game items and also Land real estate on the game’s moon.

Currently on Binance NFT Marketplace, gamers can purchase the Space Suit NFTs worn by your character.

The different tiers for the NFTs are:

  • Gamma – Tier 1 (1st Limited Edition)
  • Beta — Tier 2 (1st Limited Edition)
  • Alpha — Tier 3 (1st Limited Edition)

Floor prices again for this game’s NFTs are fairly cheap, starting at 84.94USD, increasing overall by 13.3%.

This game is a must try for those who are looking for story based NFT games as the gameplay footage already looks incredible, with more to come from their developers.

There we have our top NFT token collections on Binance NFT Marketplace. Be sure to check the whole range and see what there is, you may find your favourite new game!

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