CSGO Trading Sites – Tips to know before making your trade

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a longstanding title that has maintained and gained popularity over it’s long life span. Between becoming an “OG” esports title, establishing a competitive scene and hordes of active players, CSGO weapons skins have become a true showcase of value and prestige. Skins in CSGO opens up the community up to a whole slew of betting and gambling opportunities. If traditional CSGO betting isn’t for you, there is still the avenue of skins trading to explore.

CSGO Trading Sites

CSGO Skin Trading – The basics

CSGO offers a massive variation in skins for you to trade. Their value depends on various factors, some internal and some external. Some of the rarest and most expensive CSGO skins fetch prices up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and plenty of activity is going on daily in the world of skin trading.

But before you start trading up, lets go over the basics of skin worth and what sets the price. First up, every single skin in the game will come in different conditions.

  1. Factory New
  2. Minimal Wear
  3. Field-Tested
  4. Well-Worn
  5. Battle-Scarred

Their price will adhere to the wear and tear of skins in most cases, except for extremely rare skins in which case wear and tear can just add to the value. On top of that, there are differences in skins and not every skin will be the same. There are varying degrees of how much the skin will change by conditions. This increases the value of those that look cool because of how unique they are. It will be important to understand the differences in these different possibilities.

Another thing to take note of is the rarity of the skins. Each CSGO skins case will dispense a skin that varies based on the rarity of the items. Here is a list showing the rarity from least rare to most rare.

  • White (Common)
  • Light blue (Uncommon)
  • Darker blue (Rare)
  • Purple (Mythical)
  • Pinkish purple (Legendary)
  • Red (Ancient)
  • Gold (Exceedingly Rare)
  • Yellow Orange (Immortal)
  • Contraband (discontinued)

Once you have an understanding of which items drop more frequently it will be easier to know the true value of the skins. After a while, you will begin to notice which skins are traded and the amounts they are traded for.

Lets say you got a skin you want to trade, or you were gifted a skin you would like to get rid off. How do you go about making your first trade?

CSGO Trading Sites

Trading can be a simple case of two people wanting an even trade or it could be one person seeing value in an item and trying to get it for less than it is worth. You’ll have to be on your toes and always paying attention to trade offers made to you.

Before you start trading CSGO skins, it is important to read up on what traits make skins valuable. For example, the AWP Asiimov Battle Scarred skin has a rarely occurring trait where the scope will have all of the paint scratched off. This increases the skin’s value significantly, but if you are unaware of this then you will not know the value of what you have. Much of this knowledge will come through trial and error as well as time spent on forums focused on skins trading.

After you know the worth of your skins, its time to find a suitable place to trade it. In this way chosing the right selection is similar to choosing CSGO betting sites. Plenty of web sites offer skin trading services, and it is hard to know which one to choose. Sites like CS.Money or Tradeit.gg are some of the most widely used, but there is plenty of new sites that offer better terms.

Many websites that offer skins trading take a commission of the percentage of value of the skin. Many of them may offer a smaller commission if you include the site’s URL in your Steam nickname. Some will offer a referral program and monthly bonuses. Some even offer free cases. In most cases, selecting the right site is based on personal preference.

One word of advice is to use a site that has at least 100k or more trades completed just to make sure everything works smoothly. 

Finally, If you simply want to get involved in skin trading without actually grinding them in-game, trying CSGO betting with skins might seem logical. We would however, advise against it. There are other avenues you can take in order to get your hands on new skins, from raffles and giveaways to simply obtaining them in Twitch drops.

Now that you have a basic understanding of csgo trading skins sites, get out there and start trading! If it isn’t for you, check out how to bet on csgo matches.