The Best CS:GO Casters: Our Top 3

CS:GO casters are an essential ingredient in the competitive CS:GO mixture. Every legendary moment from the scene has been underlined by incredible commentary, and CS:GO is truly blessed with a remarkable talent pool.

Some things just come better as a pair, and CS:GO casters are no exception. We’re going to look at the top 3 legendary casting duos in the competitive CS:GO scene.

3. Harry and Hugo

Image source: ESL

At 24 and 25, Harry and Hugo have a lot of CS:GO commentary ahead. They’ve been part of the tier-1 commentary team for a few years now, and they’ve made quite an impact.

Their first big opportunity came at StarLadder Berlin Major 2019, and they haven’t looked back. Some would suggest they’ve been quite unfortunate, with others being picked for the biggest moments of all, but their time will arrive. The brilliance of Harry and Hugo is that it’s clear that there aren’t many bigger CS:GO fans than them. It shines through above everything else in their work, giving them an almost everyman quality – they’re clearly living their dream, and it’s contagious.

There’s so much potential here, and they’ll achieve every ounce of it if they continue to cast as a duo.

2. Anders and Moses

Moses Anders CSGO

Image source: Pley

Anders and Moses are stalwarts of the scene, having commentated on the best CS:GO teams for many years.

Many in the past have dubbed Anders the definitive voice of CS:GO, and it’s extremely impressive that the duo continues to commentate, even if only sporadically. Bare in mind, Anders’ narrated the journey of the very first CS:GO Major winners at Dreamhack Winter 2013. While Moses joined him a few years later, the partnership together has become iconic. Anders’ enthusiasm is second to none, with his catchphrase “Are you kidding me?” becoming etched into CS:GO history, while Moses provides in-depth commentary that remains insightful even for newer CS:GO players. It’s a unique talent, but Moses makes it look effortless.

They don’t cast together much anymore, but when they do, magic is guaranteed. There are simply too many legendary moments from CS:GO’s past brought to life by these two to not give them a space on this list.

1. Scrawny and launders

CS:GO casters

Image source: Pley

Scrawny and launders are newer additions to the Tier 1 CS:GO talent pool, but have recently cemented themselves as the voice of this era of Counter-Strike.

The dynamic between the duo is perfect. Scrawny is an enthusiastic wordsmith, who narrates rounds of CS:GO as if they’re an exercise in slam poetry. Meanwhile, his counterpart launders emanates an aura of self-aware awkwardness, dropping in with tidbits of crucial info. Where Scrawny is the life of the party, launders is the brains. The pair are clearly close, with a natural chemistry on the mic that can’t be faked. Even as a comedic duo, it works, with launders’ dry wit a brilliant foil for Scrawny’s more overt jokes.

The pair only commentated on their first Major at PGL Antwerp 2022, but expect to see them become the voice of CS:GO going forward. Regardless of the production company, BLAST or ESL, CS:GO just isn’t the same without the Scrawny and launders.

Of all esports, CS:GO is particularly fortunate to have such a talented selection of commentators. The enthusiasm for the game is just so real, and it’s why the commentary remains brilliant even all the way down to B and C-tier CS:GO.