Our Top CS:GO Tips: Climb to Global Elite

It’s a fact that even the best player in the world wants to improve in CS:GO. You can never be too good, and there’s always something you can take from every single match you play. We’re going to be sharing our best CS:GO tips to show you how to get better at CS:GO.

CS:GO tips

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Practice Makes Perfect

Our first tip to improve your CS:GO gameplay is to constantly practice your aim. There is plenty of aim training maps out there to help with this, but consistency will be key. Set yourself a kill target, and reach it by killing bots on one of these maps daily. This builds muscle memory over time and sees you out-fragging even the best players without realizing you’re improving. Learning how to play CS:GO at a higher level will take time, and it requires commitment. But if you’re someone who plays CS:GO daily, it’s worth the investment in time to climb the ranks.

There are other ways to practice. With utility playing such a huge part in CS:GO, we recommend going into private matches with no bots, and practicing your grenades on your favorite maps. Each map has its own smoke spots, where you’re able to find the best places to obscure enemy vision. This is great for building map familiarity, too. It gives you the opportunity to see maps from both the T and CT-side without the stress of players firing back. Ultimately, there aren’t many better CS:GO tips than consistent practice.

Watch Your Demos

A key part of the average CS:GO pro routine is to watch back your own demos. We’re not suggesting watching every game, but noticing highlights from your games is essential. You can learn as much from the good moments as you can from the bad, so keep track of when you have an amazing play, or when you have a terrible moment. After each game, CS:GO allows you to download your last match and watch back any round you’d like, from any perspective. Good or bad, analyze the steps you took leading to a situation. Ask yourself – what could you have done differently? You can even turn on x-ray mode to see where your enemies find themselves on the map. This can be extremely useful in learning where you should be placing your crosshair on average, or where enemies at your rank are often hidden. As far as CS:GO tips go, you can’t go wrong watching back your demos.

CSGO demos

Watch The Pros

One of the best ways to learn how to play CS:GO is to simply watch professional games. CS:GO pros have tens of thousands of hours in-game, so they know every trick to gain the upper hand on the server. Many of these players have God-given aim that allows them to headshot players in a flash, but there’s still a lot to learn from the professionals. Their best CS:GO gameplay often comes from great utility usage, which is easily learned and applied to your own play. By following CS:GO esports news, you can discover where to find the next CS:GO competition for you to watch and learn from.

The truth about CS:GO is that there isn’t one single tip that’ll carry you to Global Elite. It requires time and effort, but if you can commit, anyone can do it.