CSGO Wingman – Ranks, How to Play, Maps & More

A lot of us are into CSGO but barely anyone plays Wingman. In this piece, you will find all there is about the most underestimated mode, CSGO Wingman. Here, you will be able to find information such as CSGO Wingman ranks, how long does a wingman game last, how to win fast, etc.

CSGO Wingman Ranks

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What is CSGO Wingman?

Alongside the traditional game of Counter-Strike which is usually played in the 5v5 scenario, Wingman will provide you with an alternative. Introduced during the Operation Hydra, Wingman is mostly played while you are waiting for your friends to join the competitive lobby of yours.

As mentioned above, this game mode is not that popular, but still, you will find a game very fast. There are also quite a few maps for you to choose from.

These are the available CSGO Wingman maps:

  • Cobblestone (B bombsite)
  • Inferno (A bombsite)
  • Lake
  • Overpass (B bombsite)
  • Rialto
  • Shortdust
  • Shortnuke
  • Train (A bombsite)
  • Vertigo (A bombsite)

It is interesting to mention that there are more CSGO Wingman maps available to us once compared to the official competitive map pool (active duty).

On top of that, if you are new to the game and you want to acquire a new Shattered Web Operation, you will enjoy various Wingman missions which are mostly based on a number of rounds won (example: win 16 rounds on Rialto, etc).

To be honest, Wingman will never be a part of CSGO esports despite a couple of attempts made by the popular tournament hosts.

How to Play Wingman?

Truth be told, playing Wingman is super easy. The only thing you need to do is to queue for the game either by yourself or with a friend.

Personally, I would recommend you to play this mode with a friend because it is more interesting that way.

A total of 16 rounds will be played. Tie is an option. However, if you want to win, you will have to seal a total of 9 rounds, so keep that in mind.

Furthermore, you will only have one bombsite available on all of the maps I mentioned above. You are also entitled to 90 seconds of gameplay during rounds unlike 120 seconds available to you in competitive mode.

CSGO Wingman

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CSGO Wingman Ranks

Just like in the competitive mode, you will enjoy quite a big spectrum of CSGO ranks. However, it is much easier to climb the ranks in Wingman mode.

You should not be surprised if you get that Global Elite status fast. Personally, it only took me around 30 Wingman games played before I was entitled with the highest honors in CSGO.

So how do CSGO Wingman ranks look like? Find the list below:

  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver II
  • Silver IV
  • Silver Elite
  • Silver Elite Master
  • Gold Nova I
  • Gold Nova II
  • Gold Nova III
  • Gold Nova Master
  • Master Guardian I
  • Master Guardian II
  • Master Guardian Elite
  • Distinguished Master Guardian
  • Legendary Eagle
  • Legendary Eagle Master
  • Supreme Master First Class
  • Global Elite

Wingman Conclusion – Should You Play This Mode?

This is a very hard question to answer, but I will try my best. If you want to compete at the highest level, you should avoid Wingman.

In most scenarios, you will encounter players who are trolling and who just want to waste their time by queuing for the game of Wingman. Furthermore, if you are not a complete noob, you will reach Global Elite status really fast which really will not make Wingman more interesting to you.

What I want to say is that there is no grind here. If you are a casual player who just wants to have fun with your friend, then you should definitely give Wingman a try.