Heroic vs FURIA – IEM Rio 2022 Semifinals Analysis & Predictions

If someone told us that FURIA will be able to mount a comeback against one of the best CSGO teams in the world, we would call them crazy. But, this is exactly what happened and we have a complete coin flip on our hands. In this piece, you will find all there is about this IEM Rio Major semifinal match alongside the best predictions for it. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Heroic cadiaN

How good are Heroic?

In their last four matches, Heroic is sitting on three victories and a sole defeat. Firstly, they completely stomped fnatic in a very one-sided affair, leaving their rivals with only two rounds on Mirage. Such swift victory was propelled by cadiaN who averaged 105 damage per round, and stavn who dropped 22 kills over the course of 18 rounds with an average damage per round of 122.

Heroic battled it out against Cloud9 in the winner’s round of the Legends Stage. No one expected them to win this match and this is what happened. Star players did not show up and eventually, Cloud9 outclassed Heroic with a 2-0 victory on Vertigo and Inferno.

After the defeat to Cloud9, Heroic was matched against Liquid, a team that they are not used to beating. Once again, cadiaN stepped up in what was a very close match. In our books, it could have easily gone the other way around. Overall, victories on Vertigo and Overpass sealed the deal for Heroic. Keep in mind that Heroic once again lost their map pick, Mirage. They did not just lose it as they only won five rounds on the map, and this map is becoming a big problem for the Danes.

Now that they qualified for the big stage, Heroic approached the map veto differently against Spirit. This time around, they did not want to have anything with Mirage, and this paid dividends. An easy victory on Vertigo propelled Heroic towards a 2-0 win. However, they almost blew it on Overpass as their CT side looked really bad. Luckily for them, they had a 10-5 lead at halftime and were able to seal the deal, 16-14.

Will FURIA’s win streak continue?

After losing their opening IEM Rio match to BIG, FURIA stringed together 7 victories. In their last four, FURIA defeated teams like ENCE, Spirit, BIG, and Natus Vincere, and they looked very good while doing so.

Their first bout in the Legends Stage got them matched against ENCE. Yuurih played a brilliant map as he posted 120 damage per round and secured a 16-6 victory for his team on Vertigo.

Against Spirit, we have seen one of the best comebacks that IEM Rio Major has to offer. After being down 11-4 on the T-side of Mirage, FURIA bounced back by only dropping 2 rounds on the defense. It is very important to mention that KSCERATO came alive on the CT side as he averaged 133 damage per round and got 20 kills over the course of 14 rounds played.

Furthermore, as they got closer to the Champions Stage, FURIA upped the pace and started to dominate. This was proven in the bout against BIG, a German-based roster that stood no chance in this one. They were completely dominated on both Nuke and Vertigo as FURIA sealed an easy 2-0 victory and a ticket to the playoffs.

In one of the biggest upsets of IEM Rio Major, FURIA got the better of Natus Vincere. After a close match on Nuke, it was evident that the Brazilian roster was here to play and that they were not scared of s1mple and co. Despite losing Nuke, FURIA claimed victories on Ancient and Mirage and they sealed themselves a spot in the semifinals.

Heroic vs FURIA Match Predictions

We believe that this match is excellent for betting and here is why. Both teams will get comfortable picks for themselves. FURIA will likely opt-in for Ancient while Overpass or Inferno seems like the go-to choice for Heroic. We are positive that both teams will prevail on their map picks.

However, for a decider, we would not be surprised if Mirage is their map of choice. As it was mentioned above, Heroic struggled a lot on this map lately while FURIA got some solid wins there.

On paper, FURIA does look solid, especially with the audience on their side. The problem may be untested maps like Nuke and Vertigo and Heroic’s villain mentality.

If you are interested in any of these bets, you can claim the highest odds at GG.BET. Here are our top picks for the Heroic vs FURIA match:

  • Match winner: Heroic to win(1.80x)
  • Total Maps Played: Over 2.5(1.90x)
  • Map Winner: Mirage – FURIA to win(odds N/A, excellent for live betting)
  • Correct Pistol Rounds Score(Map 1 & 2): FURIA 2:0(3.40x)
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