Another trophy for Team Liquid, winner of BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles Front Row

Another tournament and another victory for the best CSGO team in the world. Team Liquid had it easy on BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019. The fact that they did not drop a single map in this event says a lot. Brutal performance from Stewie2K and co. You can find Liquid’s road to victory below, so stay tuned.

Liquid’s Road to Victory

Liquid played a total of  5 best of 1 matches and they came out on top of all of them. Furthermore, North American CS:GO roster also had to play two matches in the playoffs. Needless to say that they won both of those as well.

Team Liquid win Blast Pro Series Las Vegas Front Row

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Liquid vs Cloud9

In their opening match here in Los Angeles, Liquid was matched against the easiest opponent, Cloud9. Despite making it competitive on the CT-side of Inferno, Cloud9 had nothing to offer once they switched to the T-side and Liquid easily closed Inferno with a final score 16-8.

NRG vs Liquid

For some reason, NRG did not ban Overpass and we were all expecting Liquid to crush them on this map. That is indeed what happened as NRG could not cope with constant pressure Liquid applied on this map.

Once again things were quite competitive in the first half, but NRG struggled once they switched to the CT-side and Liquid ran away with the game. Final score, 16-9.

MiBR vs Liquid

After benching coldzera, no one expected MiBR to make this game so competitive. To be honest, if MiBR did not choke so hard on the CT-side of Mirage, they could have easily won this game.

All in all, another solid performance from Liquid as they closed Mirage with the final score, 16-11.

FaZe vs Liquid

After a series of close matches, Liquid stepped up in this best of 1 match against FaZe. Truth be told, I was expecting a lot more from FaZe on Nuke, but it seems like they bit off more than they can chew.

In the early stage of the game, FaZe look good. Both teams were trading rounds and I believed that once again, we will see a game where someone will grind it out in the end. Boy was I wrong, Liquid won 12 rounds in a row to seal the deal on this one. Finals score, 16-4.

Liquid vs Renegades

In the last match of the group stage, Liquid had no problems defeating Renegades. Liquid tested some things out as they already qualified for the BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019 playoffs. All in all, a solid 16-11 victory on Vertigo.

Liquid vs Cloud9 (semi-final)

Once again Liquid was matched against arguably the worst team in this event and yet again Liquid came out on top. However, things did not go so smooth for Liquid in this one.