DarkZero glorious entry into Apex by winning ALGS Championship

ALGS Championship has ended with the grand finals ending with DarkZero winning the gold. In the build-up to the tournament, there were many favourites to win it all. But what caught most off guard was underdog Reignite disbanding their roster a few days before the tournament. This led to the roster being a part of DarkZero. While I did state that the roaster was the favourite to win it all and they did so.

Doing so the former Reignite roaster has now won 2 LAN tournaments in a row.

DarkZero Champions ALGS

By winning the Apex Legends Global Series: Championship DarkZero won $500,000 out of the $2,000,000 prize pool. This is one of the biggest price pools for an Apex Legends Tournament. The ALGS Championship took place in Raleigh, North Carolina. While it was quite amusing to notice the sudden change by the entire roaster as they split with their former organization. Maybe there could be more to the story about that aspect of the story. What one can’t deny is the immense talent in the current roaster DarkZero. While DarkZero is an organization that originate in both Australia and the United States Of America.

They consist of:-

  • Zer0 (In-Game Leader/Captain)
  • Genburten
  • Sharky

Darkzero make it to the Grand Final and win it all

NRG, Cloud9, & GMT Esports made it through game one among the grand finals to a Storm Point final circle that mirrored the conclusion of the Stockholm LAN. The sole remaining group after a three-way confrontation on the cliffs near Cascade Falls was GMT, which outperformed the larger North American organisations. Furia took game 2 very close to the mill and then defeated the APAC North powerhouse AD with ease as the final circle closed.  While each round out of the 8 had another finish to one another. Due to the manner as to how these can be done, it is simply because each battle royal has another map while taking different teams as well.

In the first map, the lead was taken by GMT_Esports with ease by having 9 kills to their name. In the second match, FURIA_Esports started aggressively and ended the game with 15 kills and won round 2. Realising the situation in hand and them losing points, Alliance played it safe and won the round with 9 kills. While in round 4 FNATIC came up clutch and won the battle royal with 15 kills for the team. The team who caught most of the off-guard was the 14-kill win by AYM_Esports which was quite upset as they finished the tournament in 14th place. While immediately another upset was caused by EXO_Clan winning round 6 with just 12 kills.

With DarkZero coming in the clutch in the last 3 years winning 1 and coming second in another. Due to this feat and their performances in the other rounds, it could be seen how much they wanted to win. Their unique strategies in certain parts of the battle royal simply show how immense their team coordination was.

Another bit of sportsmanship during the tournament was that Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen left a lasting impression on the Apex Legends Global Series 2022 competition by electing not to kill a disconnected opponent throughout one round and instructing his squad to do the same.

There was another bit of controversy about this victory by many fans in relation to the ALGS Championship. If someone did count the points won by all teams due to finishes. FURIA Esports would be on the top as they accumulated a total of 85 points. But due to the “Match Point” System in the ranking system of the game, DarkZero clutched up the tournament by the end winning it all.