Dendi not really kicked from his own team, but has to figure out new path

It’s a case of team slot registration gone wrong. Team B8 founder, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin gets kicked from his own team’s roster. While it may seem like a case of betrayal, the cause actually runs deeper than what we initially suspected.

On top of re-building an entire lineup, the B8 organization will have to troubleshoot their slot registration with DPC/ESL One/Valve, as they do not technically control their own slot within the circuit.

Dendi B8

Fiasco about DPC team registration

According to B8 on Twitter, Dendi had to resign himself from the active roster because B8’s team slot for the last six months was registered by someone else. Undeniably, Dendi and B8’s side weren’t happy about the situation as they quote ‘someone who didn’t want to negotiate’ registered their team slot.

Turns out, Aleksandr “Nofear” Churochkin officially owned the team slot registered under team XactJlepbI. Where, if negotiations go south, B8 could potentially lose their shot at qualifying for DPC 2022 Lower Bracket altogether. Hence, not wanting any further dispute that may impact B8’s position in the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC 2022). Dendi took the responsible decision to leave B8, at least for the meantime.

Dendi got kicked from B8 🙃

In DPC system the owner of the slot is the one who registered it. The slot under which we played for the last 6 months is registered by someone who didn’t want to negotiate. Yes, this situation seems weird.

— B8 Esports (@B8esportsGG) October 26, 2021

For further context, B8 relieved their CIS/Brazilian line-up in March 2021, opting to merge into CIS squad, XactJlepbI. While still maintaining his founding team’s namesake, B8. This allowed B8 to have a default slot in the DPC 2022 Lower Division league, which B8 would not have obtained because they performed poorly last season. They ended DPC 2021 Season 2 with an underwhelming eight-place finish in the lower division.

The decision to merge with another team that has a lower bracket slot received disapproval from fans. And unfortunately, it has come back to bite on Dendi and B8.

B8 at DPC 2022

As stated by the team, they will continue to play the DPC 2022. There will be a resolution of this situation of this situation either way. B8 will reform a roster and either play the DPC season on the current slot if an agreement is reached later on, or they will have to re-qualify for DPC with a new registration while XactJlepbI slot owner Aleksandr Churochkin changes the name of the organization that holds the slot named B8 currently.

Dendi is still part of B8, and will likely be part of the new re-formed lineup. There is also a feasible option, for him to become B8’s coach, which is a popular career choice for many Dota 2 veterans these days.

Competing in the upcoming DPC 2022 will certainly be a challenge for B8, considering how the CIS scene exploded with passion and hunger for power. After Team Spirit became the International 10 champions, the region is now highly regarded as the strongest in the world. Thus, we can expect the young blood of CIS competitive scene to rise to the competition, and become prominent opponents in the next DPC 2022 major.