Diablo: Immortal – Rising Damnation Content Update Goes Live

While a lot of people are still hating on Diablo: Immortal, the amount of money that Blizzard is reeling in really shows with the number of updates that they are giving to the game. The latest update is the Rising Damnation.


@ Blizzard

The limited-time event approaches

No matter how much Diablo: Immortal pay-to-win backlash there seems to be, there are always going to be limited-time events where people can obtain a bunch of amazing cosmetics and items that will once again do a lot of damage to people’s wallets.

The event will be available from January 5th until January 13th, and during that time, you will be able to receive rewards while doing heroics. By doing enough tasks throughout the event, you will earn more rewards.

Feature updates are coming too

Like with every update to one of the most popular mobile games with ranked mode, there are some changes to key features such as Legendary Gems, Reforge Stones, the Iben Fahd’s Sanctum, and of course, some social notification improvements that are nice quality of life changes.

You can find this info on the official Blizzard post, and if you happen to be someone who is playing Diablo 2 instead of Diablo: Immortal, even if it is slowly proving to be a decent game if you do not mind a little bit of grinding, check out these Diablo 2 builds to help you on your journey through some old-school monster annihilation.