Diablo 2 Best Builds – Try out this new builds in Diablo 2: Resurrected

The Diablo franchise is back with some juicy content after many successful sequels, namely the Diablo 2 Resurrected. As sinister as the triple-A title sounds, it’s a game that left nostalgic memories for its passionate fans during its first iteration.

With the Diablo 2: Resurrected closed and open bets behind us, we are reaching the point of no return as we all scramble to choose the optimal build to kick-start our re-runs.

Diablo 2 Best Builds

Best Diablo 2 Builds

We are certain every Diablo fan will be frantically trying to remember what were Diablo 2’s top builds. As the re-fresh of this legendary title draws near, it’s time to refresh your memories on the Diablo 2 Best Builds. We have some videos from KolBot and MrLlamaSC for you as well.

Diablo 2 Builds Druid class

Plausibly the most popular class to start with, the Diablo 2 builds Druid pickers opt for only has one objective in mind; to speed run the game.

With relatively simple stats, this Diablo 2 Druid build can kickstart your early gameplay. Prioritize consistent sustainability and durability by investing stats into Strength and sub-stat, Vitality. These are, of course, going to maximize how long you can last in quests and skirmishes.

In the Skill Tree segment, invest skill points into Vitality-related skills. For instance, the Oak Sage from Summoning tree can be learnt early to improve your life. Survivability aside, the damage skills from Elemental tree, which are Firestorm, Molten Boulder, and Fissure, synergize well enough to make cheap skills quite reliable.

The Druid class in Diablo 2: Resurrected

In hindsight, you are working towards building a sub-DPS character, which is essentially a jack of all trades. Of course, as you head into endgame scenario, these fire-based skills are obsolete against Hell mobs, or there might come a moment of thought to change character.

Well, you can always do the Respecialization quest once you completed the early game.

Diablo 2 Builds Paladin class

Another very durable build, which is also newbie-friendly, is the Paladins. Although it wasn’t mentioned previously, you should invest at least 25 points into strength because there’s a belt item that gives you three additional slots for potions.

Whereas you should skill the Offensive Auras tree, especially in Holy Fire. In the case of Paladin class, it’s the only skill you need to spend all your points on. However, both Druid and Paladin classes share a common advantage in having fire-based skills. These skills are very effective in the early game, not so much in late game when you are in Hell.

If you opt-out to play Paladin, go for a Hammerdin build until a high enough level before you try out Smite Paladin for absolute endgame fun times.

Diablo 2 Builds Amazon class

Lastly, in the aspect of sustainable builds, we suggest the Amazon class. The Diablo 2 builds Amazon pickers go for doesn’t usually revolves around sustain. However, thanks to Amazon’s inertly good skill damage and versatility, we are essentially playing Amazon class for its Skill Tree.

Hence, we apply the oldest trick in the book, which is to maximize Vitality stats if nothing else matters. This brings us to the Skill Tree itself, where the Bow and Crossbow tree has quite a nasty combo of skills. Fire Arrow and Exploding Arrows work well together for any occasion. Meanwhile, minor stats to have at least one point should be the Critical Strike and Penetrate in Passive and Magic tree.

If you want a very specific build, we recommend the Lightning Javazon:

Fun Diablo 2 Builds to try out

Perhaps you are the type of player who enjoys fooling around with unconventional builds and characters. Although there isn’t a Joker class for the niche bunch of players, we won’t exclude the endless possibilities of Diablo 2 fun builds to screw around with.

A disclaimer to note is these are advanced builds territory, and it’s only recommended if you are an experienced player, or really any old-school player should know what to build.

Diablo 2 Builds Assassin Class

It’s pretty standard for an average Assassin class to have enough Strength and Dexterity to equip better belts for more inventory slots. Then, you want Vitality stats, in case you aren’t too comfortable surviving the mob hordes.

While the stats build is relatively standard for Assassin and most classes, actually, it’s the Skill Tree Assassin has that stood out. As his class describes, stealth and defense play a significant influence in the nature of his skills. Essentially, you want to pick up two active skills, Burst of Speed or Fade skills in the Shadow Disciplines tree. One provides you with speed to evade enemies, while the other boosts your resistance towards damage respectively.

Some particular details to be wary of as the Assassin class are energy recharge and mana replenishment. You might find it difficult to replenish mana due to the recommended build, but that can easily be solved with potions.

Considering how much we discussed early game Diablo 2 builds, it should be apparent that this is a starters guide. While more often than not, players focus on endgame builds instead. Sure, starting your early adventure for endgame builds is viable, but it’s not always worth the elbow grease to play it that way.

But hey, we aren’t going to stop you, so be sure to check out Sweet Phil on Youtube, the mastermind behind many Diablo best builds.