DiegoPlayz gets punchy at Fortnite DreamHack Open Dallas

Fortnite has just started a new season, but for once the biggest controversy in the game has nothing to do with an OP new item they’ve thrown into the title. This weekend the main topic seems to have been what went down at the DreamHack Dallas Open. This was a tournament with a $25,000 prize pool that saw competitors competing in-person. While most fans have been looking forward to in-person events, this time it facilitated players trying to settle their differences outside of the Battle Royale.

The tournament had an incident where one player griefed another. Rather than settling for 1-v-1ing them or chasing them down in a match, a player got into a physical fight over the game.


Fortnite Dreamhack Dallas Leads to Physical Fight

Mid-way through the Fortnite DreamHack Dallas Open, one player decided to take matters into his own hands. DiegoPlayz was performing well at the tournament and has a decent chance of placing first. That was until another player griefed him.

After Diego eliminated the player in an earlier round, he dropped right on Diego and griefed him blowing his chance at placement for the event.

Diego reacted to this poorly. Rather than waiting till he jumped into a game, he got up and went over to confront the player in-person. Another person at the event caught some of this on camera.

DiegoPlays Apologises

Following the incident, DiegoPlayz has apologised for his role and attempted to explain himself. He posted a twitlonger that explained things a bit better, alongside apologising to DreamHack, and the other player along with their family.

Even in the apology though, Diego maintains the other player was at fault. He wrote “It feels horrible being so close to winning a LAN event and then having someone purposely taking away what I’ve been grinding so hard for.”

“That being said I should have not reacted the way I did.”

While he has apologized, a lot of people have come out in support for him and to condemn the griefing. This includes plenty of Diego’s followers, but even major forces in the Fortnite community like Ninja.

Ninja responded to the viral clip of the fight by saying that the player “Thinks it’s cool to ruin the competitive integrity of another player who is performing better than him at a live event and he’s going to grief him on purpose, bro?”,  He added “the kid asked for it.” This is definitely an extreme reaction to the clip, but largely people seem to be unanimous in condemning the griefers behavior.

These kinds of problems aren’t expected from an event, but they happen in every game from time to time. With Fortnite’s format of big lobbies and players being able to do multiple matches in a session, sometimes players get carried away with grudges. Similar griefing incidents have happened at the FNCS before. It can cast a shadow over entire tournament. DreamHack is yet to respond to the incident themselves however. It could end up with both players receiving bans or disciplinary action.