Divided Moon likely confirmed next week – Next Apex Legends Map

The wait for a new battle royale map in Apex Legends looks like it might finally be coming to an end after the latest episode of Season 14 quest confirmed a few things.

Divided Moon Apex T

Fans of the game first started theorizing when a leak back in the spring suggested there will be new legends, heirlooms and a map that is undergoing development. Fans on most of the forums were of the feeling that this unfinished map resembled a meteor or a moon – an object in outer space, at the very least. They had also highlighted that it looked a bit broken and was given the name “Divided Moon”.

Here’s one of the early leaks for the map:

The Divided Moon Saga

Fans had gone on to claim that “Divided Moon” belongs to Boreas, which was last seen getting shattered. A comet in Seer’s Stories from the Outlands, “Metamorphosis”, was held responsible for the broken texture of the moon. The moon does indeed belong to Boreas.

Also of interest was learning that Seer still seems deeply shaken by the interview with Lisa Stone, who questioned if he had done anything worthwhile for his home planet in the latest chapter of “Friends Like These”. In response to this, Seer seems to want to make up for this by bringing the games to his home planet, which might lead to more capital for his home planet.

The crux of this plan was revealed to Rampart, who took everything Seer said into consideration but was quite cynical in her response, warning Seer that those who run Apex Games might not see eye to eye with this and that convincing Duardo Silva to undertake this will be no easy task.

Divided Moon Apex

A New Map On the Horizon?

The narrative aside, fans are most interested in knowing when they can explore Boreas and it seems like the wait will be over when season 15 arrives. Respawn has a history of releasing maps once in every four seasons. This by no means a hard-and-fast rule but it seems deliberate and fans are yearning for a new map. Season 15 would be a great time to release a new map with Stormpoint being the place of battle since Season 11.

It looks like Seer and fans will get their wish with multiple teasers hinting at the same. Magazines available in Lifeline’s Medic and newest POI to come to Olympus suggest that it’s a matter of time. All that Apex Legends has to do now is confirm the news. There’s definitely a great narrative that can be built here but Apex Legends fans are mainly looking for a fun playing experience.

We already know that Boreas is known for its textile industry and is host to a lot of moths for the same. Boreas is also known to be on the receiving end of recurring disasters and it’ll be fascinating to see if the Apex Legends have to encounter a few and what they look like. The disasters might lead to the planet’s end in a little over 50 years and it’ll be interesting to see if the likes of Seer can do something to prevent that from happening. Players should find out soon enough.

Season 15 will start on 1st November. The map will likely be confirmed next week.