Dota 2 Battle Report delivers cosmetics and much needed features

Boohoo, it’s the Battle Report Update instead of the highly-anticipated Battle Pass 2022 to fund the International 11 (TI11) prize pool.

Alongside this update, Valve mentioned that the Battle Pass will come slightly later this year compared to past iterations. The justification is that the Battle Pass will last long after TI11 concludes since the post-TI gap is often uneventful.

The Battle Report Update

As the name suggests, we are getting new interfaces and stats of our matches, and a battle report. Valve states that the Battle Report will analyze our performance throughout the season, and compare it with players at similar skill level. As quoted, “The perfect high-level snapshot of your season.”

While a new perspective on performance stats is always nice, this is a shift from Valve’s design on Dota 2 ranks in matchmaking(MMR), which is kept hidden to reduce the player’s obsession with gaining MMR over enjoying the game. Another iteration of similar implementation is where Valve removed the MMR gain/loss from the match record.

Anyways, Valve is not holding back on this feature as various stats and highlights are tracked now to give players insight into what they did great and celebrate thier MVP moments.

These fancy statistical tools will, unfortunately, be exclusive for DotaPlus subscribers, but it’s certainly worth it if you’re into learning your game patterns and a reliable way of earning DotaPlus shards more efficiently.

Avoid Player feature

The Avoid Player feature just got better with name setting and expandable slots for more avoided players via DotaPlus Shards. The feature is useful, especially for high-profile players, who are often harassed by random players in their league.

More utilities with DotaPlus Shards

Expanding your Avoid Player slots isn’t the only useful way to spend shards now. In fact, various purchasable features are available to all players. For instance, players can spend shards to purchase Kill Streak Effects, past hero sets from DotaPlus treasures, and Chat Wheels.

Not to forget about Hero Relics, which tracks various hero stats, such as towers destroyed and Juggernaut CRIT hits performed. Purchasing relics is a luxury for DotaPlus owners, so this open access will motivate free-to-play players to grind on their signature hero.

Immortal Spell Effects Swapping

Arguably a highly-requested cosmetic feature is the Immortal effects swapping. As each Battle Pass introduces many new immortal skins, heroes may have more than one immortal to fit on. Hence, this feature allows players, who own Immortal skins, to not necessarily use that skin and still retain its effects.

Furthermore, immortal skins may not always be the most refined in their looks, especially for older generation skins. Hence, the ability to equip our favorite set that isn’t occupied by immortals is a treat.

Marci in Captains Mode

As we head into DPC Tour 3, Marci’s addition into Captains Mode will surely open up a new meta, considering Marci is a durable and self-sustaining offlaner. Her skill set, albeit funky, has the potential to put an opponent in an awkward spot, much like Magnus or Rubick.

Hence, it will not be long before we see more Marci in pro teams’ drafts at DPC Tour 3. Notably, offlaners, who are infamously known for Magnus, such as Team Spirit’s Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov and Gustav “s4” Magnusson.

Furthermore, minor patches on heroes and items are worth checking as we head into DPC matches. Notably, a BKB cooldown increase will be detrimental to carry players which rely heavily on BKB’s availability.

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