Get Free Skins from the Dead Reckoning Mini Game

The Dead Reckoning Mini Game now live on the Dota 2 client marks the debut of Muerta, the latest hero to join the game. Considering Muerta is synonymous with assassins or death, the mini game is a fitting theme that Dota 2 fans can appreciate.

Remember when the Nemesis Assassin event had players hunt for opponents as a mini game of the Phantom Assassin Arcana release? – We are in for a similar treat.

Dead Reckoning Rewards

Source: Dota 2

The Dead Reckoning Mini Game

The mini game is relatively simple, such that all you have to do is be bloodthirsty in every match you play. Every players is assigned a target on the opponent team to kill or assist in the killing of that target, which offers points. Each point gives you 2 Flowers, where you can earn points as below:

  • 1 Kill = 2 points = 4 Flowers
  • 1 Assist = 1 point = 2 Flowers
  • Turbo games deliver half the Flowers

Now, that’s only half the excitement because your target also has you as their target, so it’s a duel to see who gets the most points. Winner then earns twice the reward, so you don’t have to feel bad if you aren’t cut out for the killing.

Dead Reckoning Mini Game

Image source: Dota 2

How to Win at Dead Reckoning Mini Game?

Well, I mean, we absolutely don’t want a 5-carry draft in our match now, do we?

Hence, here are some pro tips to ensure you get the most out of your gameplay without jeopardizing your team.

  1. Assists are worth a decent amount of points, so you might want to pick AOE-damage heroes, such as Zeus, Disruptor, or Dark Willow for the support players.
  2. Pick late-game heroes and try to prolong the game as long as possible, because kills and assists increase exponentially as the game extends. For instance, Spectre and Lina are viable options, who can really rake up on kills and assists alike.
  3. Although Turbo Games also offers Flowers, it’s certainly not worth the effort since it’s only half the output. Instead, play normal matches for a less serious match just for the sake of participating in the mini game.
  4. Be reminded that the mini game only requires you to best your target by scoring more kills and assists than them, regardless of the game outcome.

How to claim your Dead Reckoning rewards?

Valve certainly did not forget about the free Dota 2 users as each player has five free keys to the Dead Reckoning Chests. It’s up to you to collect Flowers and redeem the chests before you could open them. For each claimed chest, the required Flowers to redeem also doubles.

Furthermore, Valve is also making good use of the DotaPlus Shards, which many players have complained on not having any rewards to redeem for quite a while now. At 20,000 Shards, it’s certainly not a bad price since it’s usually the spending DotaPlus subscribers that have tons of Shards. For the others, who really want that Legendary Io skin with custom skills or the Doll Pudge cosmetic, you can purchase the Key at $2.49 each.

Dead Reckoning Chest – New Io Legendary Skin

That said, the Dead Reckoning mini game only lasts until April 4th, 2023. And considering the chest has a rarity tier list with the fancy Io and Pudge skins at Level 3 rarity. It’s going to take some god-tier RNG to spin them. Otherwise, the skins are fortunately marketable, so you can always splurge the extra amount for the cool Dota 2 skins.

Happy Hunting, players!

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