Techies Dota 2 Guide – Make your enemy ban Techies every game

Techies in Dota 2 is arguably one of the most irritating and infamous heroes you can get. This doesn’t mean that Techies Dota 2 players are bad, it’s just that they are annoying.

At a win rate at 50.63% and 30th rank in popularity, do you want to be the next person to fully tilt your opponents?

Techies Dota 2

Dota 2 Techies Skills & Strategy

Techies experienced frequent reworks over the years, and certainly isn’t as obnoxious to play against nowadays. Thanks to Icefrog, Techies can’t deny itself at below half health using Blast Off, which isn’t as devastating as its former skillset. Nevertheless, it is still a decent silence and nuke at only the expense of 20% health.

Sticky Bomb and Reactive Tazer synergize well with Blast Off, which makes Techies effective at chasing down enemies. The slow from Sticky Bomb with an eventual AOE nuke adds to his damage arsenal, while Reactive Tazer disarms enemies. All of which scales well into the late game.

Then, there’s his ultimate, Proximity Mines, which plants mines on the ground and will detonate when an enemy unit gets too close. Mines deal tremendous damage, but the chance of killing your opponents just by passing thru would be rare. Instead, most players combo a channeling Reactive Tazer, Blast Off, followed by Proximity Mine on an opponent. This is often enough to kill off a single enemy hero, even the best Dota 2 carries won’t escape unscathed.

Another bonus skill that Dota 2 Techies skill is the Minefield Sign, which is just a sign that makes Mines invulnerable in its AOE.

Techies Skillz

Dota 2 Techies Item Build

The Dota 2 Techies rework also meant that Techies Dota 2 players aren’t just playing the high-ground defense playstyle. Frankly, even Techies’ teammates hate this, as it leaves them to fight 4v5 while Techies AFK at base.

Instead, Techies is now more impactful in fights, offering magic damage output equivalent to top-tier nukers, such as Skywrath Mage. Since his skills are already perfectly synergized with one another, all Techies Dota 2 players need to get are longer skill range, mana regen, and magic damage amplification.

Aether Lens offers both mana regen and skill cast range at midgame timing. However, before that, opt for Soul Ring as a cheap item for mana. You can even pick up Arcane Boots for an instant mana bonus since you can disassemble it to build Aether Lens.

At 13 minutes, Aghanim’s Shard is available to purchase at merely 1300 gold, giving you a much-needed AOE stun for your Blast Off. Additionally, it also grants 300 cast range on top of the 1.75 seconds AOE stun, which is generally good enough to launch yourself into the enemies. Although Blast Off is a great initiation skill, it’s also the quickest way to die at the enemy’s hands. Hence, Eul’s Scepter offers phenomenal utility in Techies Dota 2 skillset, albeit situational.

Most Techies Dota 2 players rush Ethereal Blade these days because it’s relatively affordable to pick up. Its component contains Kaya, which amplifies magic damage and offers mana regen. Ethereal Blade slows and disarms your target, which makes it a natural luxury item in Techies Dota 2 late game.

Here’s how Techies Official tilts people:

Throw some salt with your Techies

There’s a general hatred towards Techies in the Dota 2 community, which we can leverage on tilting your opponents. Remember, Dota 2 is a mind game, and the more frequently your opponents make mistakes due to their rash decisions, the higher the probability of winning.

You can always go the extra mile while playing Dota 2 Techies by spamming voicelines and tipping your opponent. Hopefully, not only would you win the match, but traumatize your opponents into ensuring no Techies Dota 2 make it into the next game.

In fact, it happens commonly in competitive play too, whereby teams pick Techies unsuspectingly to catch opponents off-guard. An infamous candidate, Baqyt “Zayac” Emiljanov comes into mind, as a promising Techies Dota 2 pro player. After one Techies Dota 2 match, and his future opponents often respect-bans his signature Techies pick.

Now that you have read this Dota Techies guide, go out there and ruin the match for other players.