Timbersaw Dota 2 Guide to stomping pubs and winning MMR

Timbersaw is infamously known for being one of the most durable offlane Dota 2 heroes. And, for sure, the average pub player would be familiar with an unkillable Dota 2 Timbersaw, who casually runs at you without any worry.

As such, we are looking at how not to fail at Timbersaw, because one can’t plausibly lose playing Timbersaw Dota 2.


Timbersaw Dota 2 Trends & Pick Rate

The reason why Timbersaw Dota 2 players, especially in the Legend-Ancient bracket, stomp their games is that the opponents fail to counter it. In most matches, an enemy Timbersaw is picked after the support’s pick. Hence, the only counters to Timbersaw lie in the hands of your team’s carry players.

However, even a counter to Timbersaw, such as Naga Siren, Huskar, or Phantom Lancer wouldn’t be effective in the laning phase. As such, support players often let Timbersaw go unpunished in harassing and gaining farm from the lane. Which by midgame, a Timber Dota player would be able to run over their opponents.

That’s all thanks to Timbersaw’s Whirling Death and Reactive Armor that makes him very durable. Whirling Death reduces an affected hero’s stats, resulting in lower damage and health. Couple that with a full-stack Reactive Armor, which offers regen and armor, and we can forget about killing Timbersaw with these active buffs.

Dota 2 Timbersaw also has Timber Chain, which is his primary mobility skill to move and chase opponents. Alongside his ultimate, Chakram deals immense pure AOE damage.

Timbersaw Offlane Build

Despite Timbersaw’s great skillset, Timbersaw Dota 2 win rate is relatively underwhelming at only 47.1%. Hence, here’s a new Timbersaw Dota 2 guide that might just win you some decent MMR.

Going offlane is the toughest lane to play, which oftentimes requires slight analysis of the enemy line-up for Timbersaw Dota 2 starting item builds. After all, if Timbersaw has a bad early game, then you’re doomed.

Regen items, such as Tango, Iron Branches, and Enchanted Mangoes are great consumables. But also consider the need to get a Magic Stick if the opponent heroes can spam frequently. As tempting as Reactive Armor or Timber Chain is, your Level 1 skill is Whirling Death.

It deals AOE damage while also reducing the main attribute of your opponents. Hence, use it efficiently when last-hitting creeps while damaging the enemy hero. Then, it’s of utmost priority to max out Reactive Armor first, followed by Timber Chain. At Level 5, you should have Level 2 Reactive Armor, which essentially means you are impossible to kill.

Timbersaw Build

Even with a roamer coming your lane, it will still be difficult to kill you easily.

Dota 2 Timbersaw Early Game

Unlike most offlane heroes, which tend to quickly get levels and attempt to catch other lanes off-guard. Timbersaw plays around his dominance and presence in the enemy’s safelane.

Go behind enemy towers, flash-farm the lane creeps to indirectly push the tower. By asserting absolute dominance over the enemy hard carry, they won’t have a safe space to farm and would be forced to farm the jungle prematurely.

Another scenario would be that you successfully force the enemy team to respond by teleporting to help or defend the lane. And yet, that also plays into your favor because Timbersaw indirectly made space for other lanes.

Of course, just make sure not to be too careless because your opponent could have magic nukes that could bypass most of your armor. As a counter, Hood of Defiance offers magic resistance and health for a cheap price. Additionally, it can be built into Eternal Shroud in case your opponents deal tremendous magic damage, such as Ember Spirit.

Timbersaw Items & Core Build


Dota 2 Timbersaw relies heavily on AOE magic damage of his skills, which means you want mana regen and magic damage amplification. Both are greatly improved by buying Kaya, which can later upgrade to Kaya and Sange.

Additionally, Aghanim’s Scepter is the next item to get for its stats and additional skill, Second Chakram. It’s as its name suggests, another Chakram to deal twice the damage. It’s a great skill that scales well into late game because it deals pure damage.

At 25-30 minutes or midgame, these should be enough items to win the game convincingly. As dragging the game any later would only reduce Timbersaw’s effectiveness. However, Lotus Orb is a fine addition to reflect enemy target skills, not because you don’t already have enough sustain. But, using the enemy’s skills or stuns against them since Timbersaw lacks proper lockdown.

Hence, playing Timber Dota relies on winning his lane early to truly be a raid boss in later fights. Otherwise, Timbersaw can easily be dealt with by various items, such as mana burns and purge items. As such, we reckon Timbersaw won’t be making it into the ranks of best Dota 2 heroes any patch soon.