Dota 2 Mobius Maestros Match Predictions and Analysis

Mobius Maestros shines a much-deserved spotlight at the South American Dota 2 scene this week. While the prize pool is nothing much to brag about, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air for SA fans. Ahead of Ti10, plenty of teams are seeking some competition to stay in form, luckily a plethora of organizers have stepped up and are organizing tournaments to fill the gap.

Matches are currently ongoing at this event, and there are definitely several intriguing match-ups to keep an eye out for. Let’s break down four interesting upcoming matches and set Dota 2 betting predictions.

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Infinity vs NoPing e-sports

We start off July 31 at the crack of dawn, 3 AM (UTC+8), specifically with the match between NoPing e-sports and Infinity. NoPing ranked highly on the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021) rankings last season. They were anticipated to qualify for the International 10 (TI10) but got eliminated prematurely in TI10 qualifiers.

On the other hand, Infinity themselves shared a rollercoaster journey, too, albeit they still didn’t make the cut for TI10. Infinity actually makes it into second runner-up for the TI10 qualifiers, much better than their proclaimed stronger rival.

Despite the series of events, it seems like NoPing is still a massive favorite. NoPing surpasses Infinity by a considerable margin when it comes to Dota 2 odds. Whereby, NoPing is at x1.28 against a whopping x13.02 return for Infinity.

Since this is a bo2 match, I am more inclined to predict a draw at 1-1 on each side. You can expect x2.23 multiplier in return.

Infamous vs SG e-sports

Surprisingly, the Mobius managed to get SG e-sports to participate in their event. SG is the uncrowned victor of the SA TI10 qualifiers and is heading to TI10 this September. Yet, despite all that’s at stake for the TI10 contestant, they didn’t seem too bothered with playing public matches. Of course, many Dota 2 fans considered SG’s win as a mere fluke since the team never really performed well historically.

Nonetheless, they are still the undisputed TI10 SA representative, but they have much to learn ahead of the event. Their upcoming match is against Infamous, and while SG is more established in terms of status, the odds reflect differently.

SG e-sports has an x2.97 odds of victory while Infamous has x3.89 themselves, which isn’t too one-sided. My prediction would be an outright win for SG. The match is scheduled for July 31, at 5 AM (UTC+8).

Hokori vs Infamous

In this match, both opponents are fair pretty well as far as past rankings go. However, Hokori is currently on a hot winning spree as we speak. For starters, Hokori was a Peruvian stack that rose to fame in the SA scene. They were formerly Lower Division bracket team but became a staple in Upper Division and even secured a respectable fifth-place.

Despite all the praise we shoved on Hokori, the lather team is still the more favorable team in terms of Dota 2 odds. Infamous has an x2.91 odds on GG.BET against Hokori at x3.98 odds. Frankly, Infamous doesn’t come off as a viable team, considering their past upsets in TI10 qualifiers and Upper Division. I predict a draw at 1 game each netting you x1.95.

Regardless, we will have to catch the series on August 1, 3 AM (UTC+8), to discover which team is worthy.

Team Unknown vs NoPing e-sports

It’s unfortunate that NoPing didn’t make it into TI10 despite their recent success in DPC 2021. That said, NoPing is still a very entertaining team to watch in combat, and their next match is up against Team Unknown.

Unknown defeated the lather in TI10 qualifiers, so if there’s ever a redemption arc for NoPing, it’s now. Despite NoPing’s flop in TI10 qualifiers, the odds are still in their favor but perhaps overexaggerated.

Strangely, Team Unknown, a team that gave them a run for their money is at a whopping x11.9 odds to win. Meanwhile, NoPing is treated like a tier-A team at only x1.38 returns. But hey, as far as we are concerned, NoPing can sweep the series with any SA candidates at the Mobius.Bet Maestros. Once again a draw seems like a reasonable choice at x3.32.

Infamous vs NoPingDraw@ 2.23
Infamous vs SG e-sportsSG e-sports to win@ 2.97
Infamous vs HokoriDraw@ 1.95
Team Unknown vs NoPingDraw@ 3.21

The Mobius.Bet Maestros, it’s games to get you occupied before the holy grail of Dota 2 Esports begin. Alongside the presence of a TI10 invitee, it’s frankly better than what we anticipated from a $10,000 tournament.

The odds in today’s selection are courtesy of GG.BET. We also have a fine selection of curated esports bookmakers that will definitely provide an interactive betting experience.