Crucial matches for Spirit, VP, EG and Quincy Crew at Dota 2 DPC Tour 1

The Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC2021-22) nears its end, albeit a lacklustre one for Tour 1. Valve cancelled the Winter Major over health concerns, so DPC2021-22 participants only need to secure a mandatory top-six finish.

As we conclude the final week, there are still noteworthy matches to catch the action.


Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka

Evil Geniuses vs Quincy Crew

It goes without saying that Evil Geniuses doesn’t give off the same prominent vibe they had in their prime. Even so, they have quickly regained their momentum, securing a top-two spot alongside Undying and Wildcard Gaming. Now, depending on the outcome for this week, we could expect a tiebreaker.

One of those matches is EG against Quincy Crew, the powerhouse’s long-time rival. Both teams have gone neck-to-neck every single encounter, but we frankly have mixed opinions on which team will truly dominate.

For starters, EG is relatively strong despite the popular opinion on their downfall after they drop two matches to insignificant opponents. At this point, these losses are arguably flukes because since then, EG hasn’t dropped a single game. It’s clean sweeps, one after another, and certainly makes us ponder what EG has been up to.

Let’s not beat around the bush about EG’s winning spree any longer, instead, it’s all eyes on Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka. He can make the laning phase hell for opponents with his little plays, and gus quick-wittiness has a ripple effect on the opponents’ game, disrupting their farming patterns, blocking jungle camps while pulling lanes, and posing a constant threat as a roamer. It’s on him and Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko to bring EG a W.

Evil Geniuses are back

These are the little details that JerAx and Nightfall put on the table when playing for EG. Hence, the EG bandwagon is back and the odds favor EG at x1.48 versus Quincy Crew at x2.53 returns. As cherry on top, consider betting on EG 2-0 victory as they have always accomplished, which will rake x2.53 returns. Alternatively, betting on Quincy Crew to win only one match, is worth x3.18 returns.

On paper, EG’s aggressive maneuver has become the team’s bread and butter over a stable late-game playstyle. Expect EG to dominate in Match Most Kills, offering an x1.36 return. Furthermore, EG doesn’t shy away from swiftly taking down towers and limiting the space their opponents can farm. Consider wagering on EG at x1.48 returns on Match Most Towers, as well as Match Most Towers 3 Way. vs Team Spirit

Yet another clash between titans, well technically is still relevant if we aren’t comparing it to their former glory days that is. Besides, they boast a revamped roster under the VP hood, so they are doing relatively well to survive DPC2021-22 Tour 1 without their former wunderkind, Nightfall.

Whereas Team Spirit is still the gatekeepers of the DPC2021-22 Eastern Europe scene, we expect nothing less from the International 10 (TI10) champion. Praises aside, Team Spirit is the personification of an ideal Dota 2 team, where they rely only on their sheer skills to win every match. This means they don’t limit themselves to drafting concerns or the meta, which even powerhouses follow suit.

Being the talk of the town, Team Spirit expected opponents to mimic their playstyle, as we saw PuckChamp blatantly pick the lather’s signature hero and teamfight-oriented combo. In which Team Spirit responded by countering their very own strategy using late-game pursuits.

Team Spirit, the International 10 Champions

As such, the outcome of this match is decided as VP certainly does not have a reliable strategy to gain leverage against Team Spirit. Let alone win a single game in their boss fight versus Team Spirit. The Dota 2 odds favor Team Spirit at x1.33 versus VP at x3.18 returns. Furthermore, a 2:0 sweep in favor of Team Spirit is likely as well, at x2.20 returns.

Team Spirit’s global presence is terrifying, which remains a threat for VP if they ever attempt to initiate on the lather. Hence, Team Spirit wouldn’t hesitate to keep pushing towers during the midgame, approximately 18 minutes into the game. However, their opponents would inevitably surrender before 30 minutes, or before Team Spirit even knock on their tier-3 towers.

Betting on Team Spirit to destroy 6-7 towers in the First Map will return a prosperous x6.06 profit. We don’t exactly recommend a second or third map for this particular betting market since opponents tend to get desperate at their last attempt after losing one map.

Of course, not to miss out on betting on Team Spirit as the team to score the most kills too, which returns x1.40 odds on LOOT.BET

Surely, the DPC2021-22 Tour 1 ends on a rather underwhelming note, due to the cancellation of Winter Major. However, it evidently sets the precedent to what we can expect for the second Tour. Big-name powerhouses, such as Alliance and TNC Predator tumble into Division 2 bracket, so new worthy candidates can participate in Tour 2 Division 1 bracket.

Despite the missing Major, Dota 2 betting isn’t taking any break as third-party tournaments are anticipated to fill up the hiatus period, stay tuned.