Dota 2 DPC Europe Week 2 Match Predictions and Betting Analysis

Both East and West Europe are on the move, as teams rumble upon each other at the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC 2021-22). The first week in Division 1 witnessed several unexpected outcomes, where and Natus Vincere suffered an upset to poorly-regarded opponents in EEU, while Alliance has been been dealt two heavy defeats over in the EUW.

We look at four upcoming matches in Week 2 that are ideal for your Dota 2 bets.

Team Liquid vs OG

In the Western European side, team OG’s revamped roster is full of surprises. Having managed to defeat Team Secret, a task that the former OG folks haven’t been able to do for an entire DPC season. That said, it was entirely on Team Secret for clowning around with ridiculous drafts.

With Team Secret off their bucket list, the next challenge is against Team Liquid. Team Liquid, of course, is a highly-anticipated candidate from the WEU scene after recruiting Lasse Aukusti “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen and Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg. It’s a power move from the org for having the former Team Secret duo at their disposal. Rest assured that Team Liquid’s synergy is at its peak, and is trouble for OG.

While Team Liquid hasn’t faced off against a formidable opponent just yet, there’s no denying that Liquid just got a whole lot stronger. Dota 2 odds-wise, both teams are at even odds of approximately x1.87, which accurately depicts how this match will go.

If you believe veterans will prevail place a bet on Team Liquid.

Team Spirit vs PuckChamp

Uncertainty lingers in the DPC EEU bracket as Team Spirit marches into the second week of DPC EEU. Sure, Team Spirit is the International 10 (Ti10) champion, an overnight sensation after defeating PSG.LGD. Yet, it’s not unreasonable to speculate that the DPC 2021-22 will prove to be a challenge for the champ.

For one, PuckChamp surely isn’t the most achieved team around, but they do currently hold top seed. They swept the matches with ease last week, which might be a testament to their recent roster shuffle and sustainable late-game draft.

Nevertheless, PuckChamp did look sloppy after they missed TI10, having lost to amateur teams in third-party events. This puts PuckChamp at a pitiful x5.81 odds against Team Spirit at x1.12 odds. If you are a bandwagoner for Team Spirit’s success, you don’t want to miss the match.

Natus Vincere vs Team Empire

PuckChamp’s odds against Team Spirit isn’t the only pitiful object at the DPC EEU 2021-22. Navi, the former powerhouse of the region, seems to be struggling to make any commendable progress.

They lost against PuckChamp, despite spotting a prominent stack of pro players, such as Alexey “Solo” Berezin and Viktor “GeneRaL” Nigrini. Anyways, a match versus Team Empire could be their ticket to regain some footing among the other stronger opponents. Team Empire, on the other hand, heads into the Division 1 bracket as an underdog, which is quite the understatement. They nearly defeated Team Spirit in TI10 qualifiers, which would have eliminated Team Spirit from the TI10-winning hopefuls.

NaVi is still the more favorable candidate in the match at x1.22 odds against Team Empire at x4.07 odds. I would propose going against the favorites here and place your bet on Empire.

Team Secret vs Tundra Esports

Team Secret should have finally snapped out of fooling around excessively as they did knock Alliance down fabulously. They face Tundra Esports, which should be a one-sided match on paper.

However, the odds reflected poorly for Team Secret at x2.14 versus Tundra Esports at x1.67 odds. Now, not to undermine Tundra Esports’ potential against Team Secret, it’s still unusual for Secret to be on the short end of the stick when it comes to Dota 2 odds. Anyways, Tundra Esports’ commitment to stick together until 2024 can be a driving force towards putting Tundra Esports among the powerhouses. The sheer confidence and fate put on this line-up to become a formidable powerhouse by 2024 could pay off if Tundra Esports maintains its composure in upcoming matches.

Notably, Tundra won two matches versus Alliance with the same draft, which is a massive disrespect towards Alliance. Tundra was so confident in their performance that the drafts and counters never really mattered. Do put Tundra Esports on the must-watch list, but place your bet on Secret.

The DPC 2021-22 kickstarted a trend in unsettling powerhouse team losses. If the renowned powerhouses, such as Alliance,, Navi, and even Team Secret continue their downhill performance, the first Major could be a debut for many newcomer teams. This is, of course, great news as we see new challengers rise to the main stage of DPC 2021-22 season and Dota 2 betting.

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