PSG.LGD reaffirms they are the one and only designated champion

PSG.LGD, the team with a vast history, nine years at the Internationals (Ti), and yet they haven’t won a single Ti. This is the showcase that every fan is eagerly rooting for. We take a trip down memory lane to reflect on the defining moments of PSG.LGD, ahead of two defining matches that may rewrite the organization’s history.

Always coming short

It wasn’t all fame and glory back in the early years of the Internationals. PSG.LGD, or LGD Gaming back in those days, was just another Chinese team. Until Ti5 came around, LGD Gaming’s biggest achievement was when Zhang “xiao8” Ning captained the team into winning second runner-up.

They lost to Evil Geniuses at that time, which EG went on to become Ti5 Champions altogether. The third-place finish netted the team $2.2 million, which ultimately made LGD Gaming a Chinese powerhouse. Even so, this wouldn’t be the last time we hear from LGD Gaming and it was just the tip of LGD Gaming’s reputation.

They went on to place top-four finishes in consecutive Internationals, fourth-place at Ti7, second place at Ti8, and finally third-place again at Ti9. In hindsight, PSG.LGD quickly became a Dota 2 sensation, as Chinese and international fans cheered for this incredible powerhouse.

xiao8 at the International 5

Core members of PSG.LGD that could have

While most fans considered xiao8’s team as the core members of PSG.LGD that defined the oraganization, it’s a statement that is far from accurate. Instead, the iconic PSG.LGD line-up that deserves the crown is the Ti8-Ti9 roster, which featured:

  • Wang “Ame” Chunyu
  • Lu “Somnus丶M” Yao
  • Yang “Chalice” Shenyi
  • Xu “fy” Linsen
  • Yap “xNova” Jian Wei

This was the team that gave team OG, the most achieved team in Dota 2 history, a run for their money. Breaking down these player profiles, Ame was PSG.LGD’s wunderkind, boasting his proactive carry playstyle that gave PSG.LGD exceptional late-game potential. Somnus, the mid player, on the other hand, was feared for his mid-laning skills, and signature heroes, Leshrac, Storm Spirit and Bloodseeker. Chalice, as an offlane player, did an incredible job of not struggling too much in the difficult lane and made space. Lastly, the feisty duo supports, fy and xNova. Together, they formed a team with flawless synergy and potential.

After falling just short of winning Ti8 versus OG, the roster remained together for another run at Ti9. They were still incredibly strong to make another run at Ti9, which as a matter of fact, they secured third place.

It was Team Liquid’s year to make it into the grand finals versus OG, so PSG.LGD had to hold their Ti rematch another year longer. Unfortunately, PSG.LGD didn’t stick around long after, as PSG.LGD couldn’t make it past open qualifiers in Dota Pro Circuits (DPC). Eventually, Somnus and fy would part ways to play for an uprising powerhouse, Elephant. Whereas Chalice and xNova also parted ways to play for EHOME.

It was a dark time for PSG.LGD as a Dota 2 pillar in the Chinese pro scene. Since Ame on his own was nothing more than a prodigy. Fans didn’t expect PSG.LGD to return with any success after their founding roster crumbled.

Fun fact: PSG.LGD have extremely loyal fans, who deemed it the strongest team. Hence, during times when PSG.LGD underperforms, fans nonchalantly believe that they lose games because they allowed it. Other nonradical fans started popularizing the “,________!” by spamming it on streams where PSG.LGD’s games are live. In essence, it was short for ‘Again I reaffirm, the one and only designated champion of TI7 is LGD!’

The new PSG.LGD at TI10

After a heroic effort by the organization, they somehow managed to reform a brand new line-up, revolving around Ame.

What differentiates Ti10-LGD from its predecessors is how effective Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang and Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida were at supporting Ame. They provided better versatility over Somnus, whose greedy playstyle was phenomenal, but falls off into late game.

Another key takeaway on PSG.LGD, and any Chinese teams at The International is their revolutionized their playstyle. During the early Ti2-Ti5 days, Chinese teams were synonymous with boring matches because they only farm and take objectives when the time’s right. However, opponents who still assume Chinese teams play passively will certainly get burned if they didn’t do their research. If that isn’t convincing enough, perhaps the fact that Invictus Gaming and PSG.LGD are still in TI 10’s upper bracket is reassuring.

Ame at the International 10

Aegis worthy team needs your support

It’s been a while since any Chinese team lifted the Aegis of Champions. Perhaps PSG.LGD will finally be the one to claim the Aegis after their continuous efforts since Ti5. If you are still on the fence on who to support at TI10, this is the team that should definitely be on your radar. Not only because of the perpetual struggle and consistent runner-up finishes, but because this team plays some of the best Dota2 we have seen in over two years.

Their next two matches will add yet another page to their history, the options are a shot at the final if they beat Virtus.Pro or battle against elimination versus OG/TS. Either way the most important moments for this roster will be fought against their western opponents.

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