Potential tiebreaker frenzy at DPC S2 China and SEA

Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021) S2 is nearing its conclusion. With WePlay AniMajor announced recently, most regions already confirmed their top teams heading to the major in Kyiv. While a few regions are facing potential tiebreaker scenarios, both China and SEA regions are looking at potential ties along the dividing line from 1st to 4th place.

With undecided scenarios for the top five standings in both China and South East Asia, lets look at the three matches that will set the stage moving forward.

LaNm Aster

Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng

Team Aster vs Elephant

Only two matches remain at the DPC S2 China. One is between Team Aster and Elephant, while the other is between Vici Gaming and Sparking Arrow Gaming. Both matches are scheduled for May 21st.

It’s a sticky situation for Team Aster as losing the series would mean that PSG.LGD, the first runner-up, gets a shot at playing tiebreaker for first place. Furthermore, the outcome would indirectly develop another tiebreaker situation for the fourth place between Invictus Gaming and Elephant.

The odds between Team Aster and Elephant are sitting at x1.55 and x2.38 respectively. Team Aster, has only lost one series so far to EHOME. The odds of them dropping this series are fairly low, yet their only defeat this season was actually less then a week ago. If there is one moment this season where they showed weakness, its going to be in this final week decider. Elephant, despite being on the short end of the tail, did have their moments this season. They defeated Singapore Major champions Invictus Gaming, and clean swept both SAG and EHOME. Coming into this match they at least have a recent series where Aster flopped and can look at a potential upset.

We are looking at a potential three game series with Aster taking the win 2-1. This would earn us x3.26 returns over at GG.BET.

Vici Gaming vs Sparking Arrow Gaming

In the second match this week, the Dota 2 odds are stacked against SAG. They haven’t won a single game this season, let alone a match, making them the worst team to favor in Dota 2 betting.

It goes without saying that VG got this match in the bag. VG’s victory would even the scores with PSG.LGD, transitioning this into a tiebreaker for second place. Or, if we assume Team Aster also lost to Elephant, then it’s a tiebreaker between the top three teams, and first place is up for grab. Frankly, we couldn’t imagine VG actually losing to SAG in this case, but let’s suppose they somehow did. That would develop into yet another tiebreaker, for third and fourth place between VG, IG, and Elephant (if they win versus Team Aster).

Staying on the realist side, we consider this a 2-0 for VG at x1.25, odds which can only be used to mildly boost your potential accumulator slip.

OB Esports x Neon vs T1

Over at the SEA DPC S2, there’s an absolute certainty that tiebreakers will happen, regardless of the final match outcome. T1 and OB.Neon play only to decide how deep the tiebreaker scenarios will take us. The odds for T1 to win are x2.0 and OB.Neon at x1.81. With such parity in returns, there’s definitely room for coin flip assumptions here.

For instance, T1 victory would give them a fighting chance against TNC Predator for the first place. And a rather anti-climatic tiebreaker between Execration and Fnatic for the third place. Alternatively, there could be an intense four-way tiebreaker for second to fifth-place finishes if OB x Neon wins. The four-way tiebreaker has three major slots at stake, so there’s still a lot on the line. We can realistically expect OB taking a single game from T1 in this series, and earn ourselves x3.48 in return for a 1-2 correct scoreline in favor of T1.

In the end, we are looking at a potential 14x return if we combine only these three matches together in a single betting slip.