BTS DPC SEA Week 2 Match Predictions and Betting Analysis

Well, well, how the turntables… We would be lying if we said that the first week of Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 Southeast Asia matches went as anticipated. In hindsight, the outcomes were considerably better, since we enjoy supporting the underdogs. With Team SMG and Motivate.Trust Gaming rising to our expectations, DPC SEA 2021-22 sure looks spicy heading into Week 2.

We learn from last week, and head into Week 2 with a fresh set of predictions.

SEA DPC 21-22 Schedule Week 2

Beyond the Summit

Fnatic vs TNC Predator

Fnatic and TNC Predator are nothing less than powerhouses in the SEA scene. Yet the first week has been a blunder for the highly-anticipated teams.

Earlier last week, Fnatic suffered a loss against a lower division participant, team SMG. Sure, team SMG spots several high-profile players, but Fnatic should have been capable of putting up a decent fight. Instead, SMG swept both matches under an hour, making it seem too easy for the rising stars. What’s important to note is Fnatic’s poor drafts against SMG who kept to the basics. We saw familiar hard-lock combos from SMG, using Bane alongside other stuns. This puts Fnatic at a massive disadvantage whenever their ally gets caught.

Meanwhile, TNC Predator suffered worse after losing two series in one week. However, one of the losses was against T1. In terms of odds, Fnatic places high at x1.24 versus TNC Predator at x3.87 returns. While the double loss did affect TNC Predator’s odds and morale, it’s also affected by TNC’s relatively new line-up of players.

T1 vs Team SMG

We got ourselves a classic David and Goliath scenario, depicted by T1 versus team SMG. T1 is a team that only debuted in their first International months ago, and surpassed everyone’s expectations with their performance. They are a team that synergized flawlessly by having prodigious carry, Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon, work alongside other SEA veterans. Honestly, T1 deserves all the fame and glory they had in the last DPC run, and fortunately, they are sticking together for another season. It’s a team that many foresee competing in the first Major, so they are gatekeepers in the DPC 2021-22 SEA.

Unfortunately, team SMG is next in line to face their biggest threat yet. Team SMG is a freshie among the other DPC SEA 2021-22 opponents, so facing T1 is their first taste of TI-winning calibre. As such, the odds on GG.BET are heavily against team SMG even if they had a decent start in the DPC 2021-22 SEA.

T1 has an x1.22 odds against Team SMG at x4.07 odds, which isn’t too overwhelming considering the power gap.

Fnatic vs BOOM Esports

BOOM Esports is yet another team that had an overhaul in their roster. We can’t say too much based on their first week’s performance since it’s only one match against an underwhelming team.

However, BOOM’s long-running winning streak didn’t just start last week as they have been delivering exceptional victories since the BTS Pro Serie S8-9. Miraculously, BOOM’s shockingly good run gets a second chance in the DPC 2021-22 SEA after a slot emptied due to the OMEGA Esports fiasco.

Fnatic, hopefully, hasn’t lost their touch yet after their last match’s upset. After all, Fnatic’s line-up isn’t too shabby, and they could make wonders if they stick to viable drafts. BOOM, even at their prime state, is nowhere close to T1’s benchmark.

As such, the Dota 2 odds are relatively even, but BOOM still has a better x1.69 odds against Fnatic of x2.11 odds.

Team SMG vs Motivate.Trust Gaming

Team SMG and MG.Trust are major hopefuls that don’t get discussed too often. Well, the good news is the first week has been their shining moment after wrecking several more established teams.

Team SMG may not stand a shot against T1, but a match versus MG.Trust can go both ways. Let’s talk drafts, team SMG is straying away from unorthodox builds and plays high-success rate drafts instead. It’s certainly not as entertaining as a hard support Axe or mid Oracle, but it gets the job done.

Whereas MG.Trust has a more diverse hero pool, but in the end, most drafts have elements of late-game success and aggressive combos. It’s how the Thai squad wants to play their rounds, and it’s working to a certain degree.

Since both teams are coming from the Lower Division, they share even odds at approximately x1.87 returns. Nonetheless, the revamped SMG squad feels more reliable with their players, who have previously played consistently for successful teams.

The first week was certainly an eye-opener for fans and DPC 2021-22 SEA participants. Hence, it’s redemption time for many teams, who haven’t had a good start previously. As the DPC 2021-22 spans six weeks, perhaps it’s your calling to kickstart your Dota 2 betting journey with Esports bonuses.