Dr Disrespect Return to Fortnite with Hot Shot Duo Drop Tournament

Dr Disrespect returns to Fortnite, and he’s doing it in style hosting a 100K Fortnite tournament. The Dr Disrespect Hot Shot Duo Drop Tournament is a bit of a different take on competitive Fortnite from what we’ve seen lately.

Dr Disrespect used to be one of the biggest Fortnite streamers. He kinda drifted away to greener pastures with Warzone and other titles recently though. The latest updates to the game with Fortnite Chapter 3 have made a big difference.

Here’s what is coming.

Dr Disrespect Fortnite

Dr Disrespect Hot Shot Duo Drop Tournament

The Dr Disrespect Hot Shot Duo Drop tournament is going to be kicking off later in May. The event is due to start on May 27th with its first lobby. We don’t know how long the tournament will run but tune in to Dr Disrespect’s stream from 1 PM to see how it goes. The tournament is going to have a 100K prize pool across the event, and it features a more unique format than just a custom lobby full of streamers.

The event is going to be played as a kill race. This is a format where players drop into lobbies and compete to get the most kills as quickly as possible This time of format was popular in Fortnite’s early days before Epic launched full custom lobby support for content creators. It’s also the primary tournament format still in games like Warzone and its recent tournaments. A return to this format for the Dr Disrespect Hot Shot Duo tournament is going to be a fun flashback for this type of gameplay in Fortnite.

No Builds Tournaments

The Dr Disrespect Hot Shot Duo Drop tournament is also going to be played on the No Builds mode of Fortnite. This is basically just Fortnite with its key mechanic removed. However, it has become a pretty popular side of the game. Among players and content creators, no build mode has been hit this season. Previous tournaments like those held by Ludwig have been a huge success in the No Builds mode.

One area where it really has really excelled in bringing back former streamers who left the game over Chapter 2. The best Fortnite players are impressive to watch, but it can get frustrating to have a player who spends hours in creative courses crank a skyscraper out as soon as you fire a shot. This isn’t a worry in no builds. It’s not like No Builds is sweat-free, but it can be a bit less frustrating if you don’t have the time to master edit courses. Content creators like Dr Disrespect have reacted well to the new version of the game.

The Dr Disrespect Hot Shot Duo Drop tournament isn’t the first No Builds tournament, but it shows the pull this mode is having on a lot of players and streamers. We might be entering a bit of a renaissance for Fortnite’s popularity among more casual players.

Dr Disrespect Return to Fortnite… and Twitch

This new tournament isn’t the only Fortnite-related thing Dr Disrespect has grabbed headlines for recently. He’s also made an appearance on a Fortnite advert that’s been playing on Twitch lately. A Fortnite ad currently running is highlighting the No Builds mode. This features Dr Disrespect along with other returned streamers like NICKMERC. It’s surprising to fans though since the Dr has been banned from Twitch.

This is just an advert, so it isn’t like Twitch is rolling the red carpet back out for the streamer. It’s still strange to see him making appearances on the platform though. Especially considering how baffling the original departure from Twitch had been.

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