Dragon Ball FighterZ Ranks & Ranked Mode

FighterZ is an expansive title, with a huge story mode and plenty more for you to do locally, but what about Dragon Ball FighterZ Ranks? – The title has become of the biggest esports fighters, it’s only natural to want to test your skills against the other top players and see which rank you fit into. FighterZ Ranked Mode is the best way to do that.

With rollback netcode coming to the game, FighterZ has become a much better experience playing online. The Ranked Mode is going to be better than ever with the updated online, especially if you’re playing fighting games on PS4 or Xbox. The Dragon Ball Ranked mode is how you can test your skills, and now no one has the bad online excuse any more for losses!

If you’re looking at comparing how you perform against the other top players, this is what you need to know about FighterZ ranks.

Are there Dragon Ball FighterZ Ranks?

Dragon Ball FighterZ does have a ranked mode, with an in-depth system for matchmaking to ensure you’re playing against those at your skill level. Each match that you play in this game mode affects your rank, you gain or lose Battle Power depending on how you perform. Making it up to the higher Dragon Ball FighterZ ranks is a real testimony to your skill.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Ranks Explained

BP – Dragon Ball FighterZ Ranks Explained

Battle Power is the measurement for FighterZ Ranks. This score will increase for won games and decrease when you lose one.

Players will start out with 0 Battle Power. Everyone starts at that level. As you progress in matches, you’ll gain Battle Power. Although, taking loses is going to slow you down too. Playing well is the only way to rise up the ranks, there are no secret tricks here.

FighterZ Ranks

These are all of the Dragon Ball FighterZ ranks you’ll need to climb up through to get to the very top.

  • Saibaman – 0 BP
  • Earthling – 30,000 BP
  • Namekian – 70,000 BP
  • Saiyan – 120,000 BP
  • Frieza Clan – 170,000 BP
  • Super Saiyan – 220,000 BP
  • Android – 270,000 BP
  • Super Saiyan 2 – 330,000
  • Supreme Kai – 400,000 BP
  • Demon – 500,000 BP
  • Super Saiyan 3 – 600,000 BP
  • Majin – 700,000 BP
  • Super Saiyan God – 800,000 BP
  • Super Saiyan Blue – 900,000 BP
  • Living Legend – 1,000,000 BP
  • Super Saiyan Rose – 1,200,000 BP
  • Pride Trooper – 1,400,000 BP
  • Ultra Instinct Sign – 1,600,000 BP
  • SSB Evolved – 1,800,000 BP
  • God of Destruction – 2,000,000 BP
  • Ultra Instinct – 3,000,000 BP
  • Angel – 4,000,000
  • Grand Priest – 5,000,000 BP
  • Zen-Oh – 9,000,000

How to Play Ranked Mode in FighterZ

You can play Ranked Mode in FighterZ by heading to the Clerk at the top of the lobby. He oversees the World Match mode! Talk to him to enter into Ranked mode. Each game here will impact your rank and will be with different, more accurate matchmaking.

You have a few options you can choose between. These are what questions you’ll be faced with and what they mean for the Dragon Ball FighterZ ranks.

  • Opponent Rank – This sets how close in rank to you your opponent will be.
  • Connection Quality – Lets you filter out worse internet connections.
  • Match Competition Rate – You can choose between Anything Goes up to High Competition.

You’ll earn more Battle Power by taking on the Challenge rank in Opponent rank, but the player is going to be considerably better than you! You’ll also gain or lose Rank depending on which of these options you pick. A win that’s a challenge count for more than an easier match. Although, a loss to a lower rank will hit you harder too. Keep an eye on fighting game news if you’re going through Challenges, a patch could change things quickly!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Ranks Explained

Fittingly as it corresponds with transformations in the series, Dragon Ball FighterZ ranks almost mirror the actual power creep with these transformations! Once you get towards the higher ranks, there starts to be a huge gulf between players. If you can make it up towards tiers like Zen-Oh, you can be sure you’re one of the best players. If you can make it all the way up there, it might even be worth trying some fighting game esports tournaments at some point soon for a bigger test of strength!