Dreamhack SC2 Masters Last Chance 2021 Event Info and Updates

The StarCraft 2 ESL Pro Tour for 2020/2021 is nearly its competition, but coming up is to be one last chance to effect rankings before the points are finally locked in. The DreamHack SC2 Masters Last Chance 2021 has been announced. It is the final chance to earn some more points before everything comes to a close.

The ESL Pro Tour has had a long season, with some of the most exciting StarCraft action seen in a while. There are a couple of ongoing events with still to tally, but just two bigger tournaments remaining for the season. This final Dreamhack SC2 Masters Last Chance is the only thing standing between competitors and improving their placement for the year.

Dreamhack Masters Last Chance 2021

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Dreamhack SC2 Masters Last Chance

The Dreamhack SC2 Masters Last Chance 2021 is the last event of the ESL Pro Tour for 2020/2021. The event is going to be offering the players one final chance to rack up some more points, which could make all the difference. There are going to be sixteen players competing all in all. The action will begin in a group stage of four players per group. Here they’ll play in a dual tournament format, in best of three matches. The top two players are going to advance to the playoffs, whittling the roster down to eight players.

The playoff bracket is going to be fought in best of five. The finals themselves as per usual, are taking place in a best of seven format. The Masters are carrying a prize pool, with first place taking $12,500. Second gets $7,500, with third and fourth place taking $5,000 each.

Most importantly there are EPT points at at stake too though. First place is awarded 300, second 200, and third and fourth 125. Those point totals do have the potential to change things up in the ESL Pro Tour, so this last chance event could be the deciding factor for the entire season.

Last Chance Qualifiers

Three qualifier events are set for December totaling 64 players. 16 in both EU and North America and 32 for Asia (South Korea, TW/HK/MO/JP/MN, China and Oceania). Each qualifier will invite half of its participants directly from the EPT rankings pool, while the remainder go though an Open Qualifier.

Open qualifier sign-ups are available at the following link.

Players will have to win the Open Qualifer in order to get to the main event qualifer, in order to qualify for Dreamhack SC2 Masters Last Chance in order to compete for the last scraps of EPT, qualifying them for IEM Katowice. Mind-numbing we know.

However, this all means we will have well over a hundred matches of SC2 in the next 20 days. We expect betting on Starcraft 2 to become available for the regional qualifiers and main event around the 14th of December. We will prepare a separate article with our breakdown and predictions once esports odds become available.

The ESL Pro Tour Wrapping Up

The ESL Pro Tour only has two events for the remainder of the season. The Dreamhack SC Masters Last Chance and the TeamLiquid Starleague 6. The StarLeague 6 event is taking place over December, with a prize pool and some points at stake. This event is only handing out 250 to first place, with 2-4 receiving 180-110 each too. As far the ESL Pro Tour standings go, the Dreamhack SC2 Masters Last Chance is offering higher rewards and more of a chance for upsets.

Looking at the points up for grabs, a number of big names have already qualified from the ESL Pro Tour for the final spots. However, this last chance event is going to allow some players one last rack at getting up  there. Players like TY and Rogue are far ahead in their regions, but these las few events can change things.

The ESL Pro Tour is the biggest series around in StarCraft, these last two events have a lot riding on them. If you’re interested in Starcraft 2 betting, then these events are going to be the ones to watch. You can expect some of the most exciting action so far from the season.

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