Six DreamLeague teams facing tiebreakers to determine DPC 2021 future

Dream League Season 14 continues past the final week as neck-to-neck battles lead to tiebreaker scenarios. Both the Upper and Lower Divisions of the European DPC League are having tiebreakers decide the final group placements.

Up in the upper division, a three-way tiebreaker to decides the last team qualifying for the Singapore Major 2021, while the Lower Division decides the two teams moving up next season. This weekend decides the future of 6 European Dota 2 DPC teams.

Champions stuck in the hole

After Alliance and Team Secret defeated both Team Liquid and OG respectively, the two teams are tied on the scoreboard and forcing a tiebreaker. The two-time champion’s loss against Team Secret was certainly gutting to watch. In the third game, OG somehow managed to cling onto the game despite being 30,000 gold behind. They managed to destroy a set of barracks after shutting down Lasse Aukusti “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen’s fearsome Ursa.

Unfortunately, that glimmer of hope was not enough for OG to deliver a comeback against Team Secret.

Meanwhile, Team Liquid had a similar story with Alliance. They got really close, but it just wasn’t enough.

Lastly, we have Tundra Esports as the underdog in this tiebreaker trying to cause a massive upset to both squads. Formerly known as mudgolems, Adrian “Fata” Trinks and his European stack have garnered quite the attention after their ESL One Germany 2020 success. They also defeated Team Secret, but Team Liquid become the ESL One Champions.

This three-way feels more like a friendly reunion in a way, as all three teams are no strangers to eachtoher.

It’s difficult to determine which team will come out on top next week since each team has bested one another. However, there’s no denying that team OG is still the fan favorites despite their poor showing. Team Liquid often has a trick up their sleeves, especially during dire situations, leaving Tundra Esports as the only unbacked team in the crossfire.

Mexican standoff for the top

On the other side of Dream League Season 14, the Lower Division is also booming with notable competitors. It’s so competitive that there’s also a three-way tiebreaker to decide the top three finishes. While Lower Division teams aren’t eligible for the major, the top seeds are promoted to the second season’s Upper Division bracket. Only then will the worthy teams stand a chance at qualifying for the major and earn some DPC points.

The three rivals, Brame, Hellbear Smashers, and Creepwave, will all most certainly want the top two finishes. As far as favorites go, there isn’t any team that really performed outstandingly. Regardless of which team made it into the top seeds, we can surely expect a very close battle between them.

That said, we do have favorites, notably Hellbear Smashers, whose line-up consists of former Team Secret player, Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard. Alongside is a newcomer in the European scene, Geogrii “Gilgir” Svistunov, a close associate of the retired International 2013 champion, Henrik “AdmiralBulldog” Ahnberg.

As all hell breaks loose February 27-28, we will finally know the complete list of European teams attending the Singapore Major 2021. The other regions will also follow suit with their confirmed teams very soon over the span of next week.

It’s undoubtedly an exciting time for Dota 2 fans awaiting the first Dota 2 Major for the new year.

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