Dreams and Nightmares Case – CSGO Skins Launch and Updates

CSGO has a load of big tournaments on the horizon for its esports. However, the game itself has just received an anticipated update with the Dreams and Nightmares case launching. These are a selection of new skins for the game. CSGO skins are pretty important compared to some other games, with skins selling for crazy amounts of money on the secondary market. These new skins are a bit more unique, having been created by the CSGO community and fans of the game.

The new cases are the main appeal of this latest update. However, there were some other alterations to the game itself, even if this is the second update of the week for CSGO. This is what’s changed with the update and why the Dreams and Nightmares CSGO case is different:

CSGO Skins Dreams & Nightmares

Dreams and Nightmares CSGO Case

Cases in CSGO reward skins as a random drop, this RNG element is what makes some so rare. It is always a bit of a gamble. They’re dealt out as rewards for missions. Each different case contains a different selection of items, so a launch of a new one has the potential to yield some great skins for players. The Dreams and Nightmares case is the latest to come to the game.

These skins were designed by community designers. Earlier last year, a competition was held to find people in the CSGO community with a flair for creating skins. Valve initially promised a $1 million prize for the winners of the competition. By November, this bounty for cool skins had increased up to $1.7 million. There were over 15,000 submissions in total, so there are plenty of high-quality skins here.

The new Dreams and Nightmares case skins that have been added to the game are taken from these designs. There are new skins for a lot of weapons, with only two not getting a different look this time around. While it is difficult to say if they’re going to end up being some of the skins that are the rarest and most valuable, they definitely have some cool designs.

Skins are a major part of the ecosystem for CSGO even if they’re not the biggest part of competitive play. It’s nice to see such a strong reception for ones created by the wider community. We don’t expect any of these to make the rarest and most expensive CSGO skins list, but they are definitely coveted by many.

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Rest of the CSGO Update

The Dreams and Nightmares case was just one part of today’s update for CSGO. However, this is the second update for the week so it is going to be a bit smaller. The Dreams and Nightmares case is probably the biggest thing to look at for this update. However, there were also some changes to Insertion and other minor changes.

The main changes to Insertion 2 are moving some spawn posts around, blocking sightlines, and minor tweaks. These aren’t huge changes. There were also some smaller graphical issues fixed. Earlier this week Valve pushed an update adding compatibility, so this update is more just for the cases outside of Insertion 2.

The CSGO Dreams and Nightmares case is a nice add-in to the game that recognizes the role of the wider CSGO community. With major events like the BLAST Premier Spring approaching, CSGO has a lot going on right now, but some new skins are a nice addition.