ECL & all new woman’s FIFA Esports events announced

FIFA has become the most important competitive esport for football, but it has had a notable absence. Up until now, there hasn’t been much representation for women in competitive FIFA. That’s about to change with the launch of the ECL Woman’s FIFA Esports events. This is an entirely new competitive calendar for FIFA that will run through 2022.

This is what you need to know about the new tournaments and how they’ll be run:

ECL Fifa Cups

ECL Woman’s FIFA Esports Events

The ECL group of tournaments are going to be woman’s only events. While these will be community-focused events, the aim is to increase the number of women in esports. ECL will be providing a dedicated space for them within FIFA. The events are going to be running the whole way through 2022.

The Woman’s FIFA esports cups are going to be run by ECL. This is an organizer which works a lot to hold more women’s esports events and promote diversity. However, they also have some experience in putting together tournaments, and in ensuring that woman’s only esports can run properly. ECL has said that the current FIFA events lack female participants. The FIFA Global Series probably couldn’t be called a particularly woman-focused tournament, so this new series of events will open things up quite a bit.

These events are going to be held in a number of Cups. While they’re starting in February, events are planned through 2022. They will be partnering with to host the events. To host the events.

When are the Events Cups?

The ECL Woman’s FIFA Esports will kick off in February 2022. They will be held in the form of monthly community cups. They will be relatively open in terms of who will participate. Since the woman’s FIFA esports area is relatively sparse right now, this will help organizers to find talent out of the eligible players. This will be a talent competition. So this means the aim will be to open up pathways for women to get involved in FIFA esports. The community is free to hold their own tournaments within this too.

The ECL Woman’s FIFA events even have some sponsors lined up already. ZGame Energy Drinks are coming on board as a sponsor for the first community Cup. Since these will be held monthly, we’ll have to see if other sponsors join in for later community cups. However, for an event of this scale this is a good early sign.

The events in full will feature a prize pool of over $4,500. This isn’t huge compared to some other games or even different FIFA events. However, for an inaugural season for a normally underrepresented part of esports, this is a decent enough start/ If these events prove popular, the prize pools are sure to improve alongside popularity.

The ECL Woman’s FIFA events are still an early stage for woman’s only esports. However, everything has to start somewhere. These cups could be the start of another side of esports for FIFA.