Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 6 Playoffs Predictions

Now that the group stage at Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 6  is finally over, we are here to provide you with everything important that happened so far during the Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 6. On top of that, we will offer our betting predictions based on in-depth analysis so do not miss out.

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 6 Playoffs Predictions

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Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 6 – Group Stage Recap

While previewing this CS:GO event, a couple of teams stood out for us. In Group A, we expected HellRaisers to advance through with ease and that is what happened. On top of that, Apeks looked really good as they sealed a spot in the playoffs as well.

Group B, however, had quite a few surprises. Dignitas claimed #1 spot (as expected). On the other hand, no one was expecting Izako Boars to claim a playoff spot in front of BLUEJAYS and Singularity.

Group C was really tense, but the Polish veterans failed to prove their worth. ForZe dominated the entire group with relative ease while byali and his team, AVEZ claimed that 2nd place.

Last but not least, Group D was also filled with surprises. Serbian-based roster, LvlUp won both of their matches, surprising Winstrike with 60 rounds played on Nuke. What is even more interesting is that Syman won the decider versus Winstrike and advanced into Playoffs.

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 6 Predictions

A total of four matches await us in Round 1 of Playoffs. We have relatively straightforward predictions this time around and a nice potential payout for anyone interested. Here’s are quick analysis of every single match that is going to be played at Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 6. Here is what we found out.

Apeks vs forZe

The Norwegian-based CS:GO roster of Apeks is a mix of young guns and experienced players such as dennis. On the other hand, forZe has been among the best CIS teams for quite a while now. The teams they usually face are a whole league ahead of Apeks.

Map pool is also heavily favoring forZe in this matchup. From our perspective, this is an absolute lock for forZe. The only map where Apeks is better is Vertigo, and guess what, forZe does not play this map. We simply do not see a way for Apeks to win this match.

Prediction: forZe to win

HellRaisers vs AVEZ

Both HellRaisers and AVEZ had a solid showing in the group stage. However, they were not playing to their full potential. Form-wise, both teams had a couple of tough matches where they were battered on some maps. When it comes to map pool between these two teams, the logic is simple. AVEZ will end up on either Train or Vertigo while HellRaisers will look to pick Inferno or Nuke. The logic behind this prediction is really simple.

Both HellRaisers and AVEZ will get a comfort pick for themselves. On top of that, the map they will pick will heavily favor them simply because their opponents are really bad on those maps. This is why we believe that all three maps will be played in this one.

Prediction: Total Maps Player – Over 2.5

Syman vs Dignitas

This season has been topsy-turvy for Dignitas. They are however still a whole division above most teams in this competition in our opinion. The old gods should have no issues dealing with Syman as this is a pretty straightforward matchup.

Prediction: Dignitas to win

Izako Boars vs LvlUp

The final match in our prediction lineup consists of two teams we wouldn’t really place in Playoffs before the event. Both squads had surprising performances and made it out of groups. Last time they met was at the Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 4 Group D decider match which went the way of the Boars.

Over the past month these two teams have battled 3 times and LvlUp won only once. It is important to note that on each matchup LvLUp has played with a different player on the roster. This time however, its the same roster from 2 weeks ago. While our prediction is Izako Boars to win we highly recommend not using this match in your betslips as its too much of a coin toss.

In the end, your betslip should look like this.

Apeks vs forZe @1.25
HellRaisers vs AVEZ Over 2.5 Maps @ 1.92

Dignitas vs Syman @ 1.28

Total Stake:10.00 EUR
Overall odds:3.07
Payout:30.72 EUR
Provider: Loot.bet