Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 7 Predictions

Another edition of Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup is live soon. As part of our weekly breakdown, we bring you the pre-event or pre-playoffs weekly predictions once again. This week we are looking at the event top down and bringing you the best picks from each of the four groups. The event itself will last for 5 days which means that there is a lot of action for your CSGO betting.

Eden Malta Vibes Week 7

© Eden Arena Malta Vibes

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 7 Overview

The draw for the four double-elimination groups has been put in place. The picture contains the participants in each group. The opening matches in each group will be bo1, and we can expect some “upsets” to take place. However, once we move away from the opening matches every single match will be a best of 3. meaning favorites can bounce back if they mess up their opener. Straight out the gate we can see the favorites in each of the four groups.

Group A features Espada as the main team likely to advance to Playoffs. The 2nd place fight is between Winstrike and the Lyngby Vikings and should theoretically go to Winstrike. Yet, after witnessing WS’s poor performance last week we might have an upset on our hands.

Group B is all about Movistar Riders. They are the main seed and tournament favorites next to Dignitas. The battle for second will be between Avez and LvLUp. We expect LvLUp to come ahead in this duel.

Group C is definitely going down to Dignitas and APEKS should easily come in second.

Finally, Group D is the trickiest group to predict. Nordavind is the clearest favorite in this group with Honoris and FATE fighting for 2nd place. The problem is that the opener (best of one) is between Honoris and Nordavind. This might cause the Norwegians to drop a map to the legendary NEO/TAZ duo of HNRS, and end up fighting for 2nd place.

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 7 Safe Picks

A total of eight matches are going to be played on the opening day of Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 7. We worked hard to provide you with a couple of safe predictions that can be found below.

Movistar Riders vs lvlUP

We believe that this is a huge mismatch and betting sites have not acknowledged that just yet. Basically, Movistar Riders are way above lvlUP in all factors we compared them in.

Individually, Movistar Riders are much more skilled. On top of that, they have a deeper map pool. Mirage, Nuke and Vertigo are by far their best maps while lvlUP struggles there. All in all, this should be a relatively easy match for the Spanish-based CS:GO organization. Given the fact that the odds on Movistar Riders to win this match are capped at around 1.60, this is a complete lock.

Prediction: Movistar Riders @ 1.61

Dignitas vs Budapest Five

There is no denying that Dignitas is better everywhere once compared to Budapest Five. Veterans such as friberg, f0rest, GeT_RiGhT. On the other hand, Hungarians are a relatively new roster that is nowhere near as experienced as Dignitas is.

Furthermore, these two teams share similar map pools hence why predicting a map that will be played in this best of 1 match will not be that hard. Inferno, Overpass and Vertigo are definitely no-go maps for Budapest Five. Contrary to that, it would be for the best if Dignitas avoided Train and Dust 2. This leaves us with maps that heavily favor Dignitas.=

To summarize, this should be a very easy match for Dignitas despite them looking really bad against forZe in their last match. Budapest Five won only two out of 5 matches played. On top of that, they have only beaten Lyngby Vikings, a team that is really bad.

Despite not being the highest odds, placing a bet on Dignitas to beat Budapest Five is a no-brainer. From our point of view, this will be nothing but training for the Scandinavian company.

Prediction: Dignitas @ 1.25

Espada vs Team Singularity

Singularity rarely misses a week at Malta Vibes, yet they have only made it out of groups once in four showings. The squad reached playoffs in Week 3 and got promptly dismantled by Illuminar in Round 1. Overall, Singularity is rarely winning games at the tournament.

Espada ois a first timer at Eden Arena Malta Vibes and they are probably here to make a good showing. They are also superior in every single map when compared to Singularity. The stats are also on Espadas side as most of the teams Espada usually meets are head and shoulders in strength compared to Singularity.

This will however be the first time these two teams meet each other in an official match.

Prediction: Espada @ 1.3

In the end, all these matches can be bet on as singles or as an accumulator. If you set them as an accumulator, GG.bet will provide you with a CSGO odds coefficient of 2.62, which is a good payout for a sure-bet betslip.

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