Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 8 Predictions

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 8 is going live soon with one of the more competitive weeks to date. Four of the six previous champions are back this week aiming for another $25,000 slice of the $40,000 prize pie. Malta Vibes has become the premier B-Tier event this summer with some of the best competition we’ve seen this season. If you’re interested in betting on this event, we will provide you with several betting predictions that will put you in profit so do not miss out.

Eden Malta Vibes Week 8

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Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 8 Predictions

Once again 16 teams will fight in four groups of four, with the top two of each group advancing to playoffs. This leaves us with plenty to choose from. Eight opening matches gave us plenty to think about and the following is what we came up with.

HellRaisers vs Nordavind

Individually, this is a big miss-match. On paper, Nordavind is a much better team, but in reality, we do not believe that this is the case. It is also important to mention that HellRaisers only joined Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 8 because Winstrike could not attend the event.

HellRaisers won their last two matches comfortably while Nordavind only has one victory in their last 5 bouts. They were defeated by both SKADE and CR4ZY. Both of these teams were beaten by HellRaisers and that says a lot about the form these two teams are in.

Both teams have an even map pool and we are in for a competitive best of 1 match. At the time of writing, odds on HellRaisers are way too good to pass on and we believe that this is one of the best value picks so far in this event.

Prediction: HellRaisers to Win

Spirit vs SKADE

Here is a very safe betting prediction for this event. Spirit is by far the best team on Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 8 while SKADE is amongst the worst. Despite losing three in a row to OG, forZe and Natus Vincere, Spirit definitely has an easy job in this match.

SKADE simply has nothing to offer in this match. Their best map, Dust 2, will be banned straight away and they will be left without a fighting chance in this one. All in all, we are expecting a very easy victory for Spirit. Sadly, odds reflect that.

Prediction: Spirit to win

K23 vs CR4ZY

Let’s face it, CR4ZY is not a good team. Contrary to that, K23 is filled with experienced veterans and young guns. In their last 5, K23 dominated everyone and they are riding a solid win strike. Contrary to that, CR4ZY is nowhere to be found as of late. Out of their last 5 bouts, they have only won once.

When it comes to map pool, we are heavily favoring K23 and here is why. They will ban both Vertigo and Nuke which are arguably the best maps for CR4ZY. This will leave K23 with quite a few options.

From our point of view, Train or Mirage will be the safest picks for K23. To summarize, odds on K23 to beat CR4ZY are more than good and this is by far the best pick so far on this CS:GO event.

Prediction: K23 to win

Combined odds: 2.26
Betting Site: Betway

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