EG faces stiff competition top spot in DPC NA – Week 5 Match Analysis

Remember the good days when Evil Geniuses were the undisputed champions of the North American scene? Me neither.

The Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC2021-22) NA is in shambles now that EG is no longer top dogs. A quick recap to weeks 2-3 will remind us about how EG lost two series, against unseasoned opponents at that. As we head into week 5 of DPC NA, here’s how the NA powerhouse struggles for tournament life.


The odds are against EG vs Team Undying

Team Undying is arguably one of EG’s strongest rivals in DPC NA, representing the region in the International 10 (TI10). Backed by a formidable class of misfits, Team Undying won all their matches, except one versus Quincy Crew. Even so, Undying often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to qualifying for Majors, back when EG and Quincy Crew dominated the DPC NA.

However, EG in their sloppy shape isn’t exactly a world-class threat to Undying. Despite the expectations on EG, the truth is roster shuffles take time to adapt. Even high-profile powerhouses with some of the world’s finest players, namely Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka and Abed Azel L. Yusop need time.

It’s one of those betting scenarios, where EG turns out to be the underdog with x2.18 odds versus Team Undying at x1.65 odds. Undying earned their namesake through persistence and polished cavalry. Not only are they pulling off diverse drafts but could effectively switch playstyles instantaneously.

For instance, they pulled off a Luna-Io combo in one match, utilizing the synergy for objective pushing and counter-initiating opponents. Alternatively, they also opt for fast-paced gameplay with either Templar Assassin or Night Stalker. In hindsight, Undying enjoys early game leverage, which transitions well into midgame snowballing effect. Hence, games often end under 35.5 minutes, or x1.81 returns.

With heroes such as Templar Assassin on the line, Undying typically rakes up early kills quickly. Hence, this makes Undying a good candidate to race to 5 kills, which returns x1.79 profit. Coupled with Abed’s tendency to hunt indiscriminately, the match will surely incur over 50.5 total kills, or x2.12 returns.

In hindsight, EG frankly isn’t a reliable candidate in Dota 2 odds right now. It will be some time before EG returns to its former glory.

Wildcard Gaming vs simply TOOBASED

Say EG manages to defeat Undying, and their points are even on the scoreboard. This opens up an opportunity for Wildcard Gaming to force a three-way tiebreaker for the runner-up spot. Of course, assuming Wildcard Gaming wins their match versus simply TOOBASED too.

Hailing from the Division 2 trench, Wildcard Gaming (formerly D2 Hustlers) raised eyebrows with their promising DPC NA performance. They are the same folks who outplayed EG and only lost to Quincy Crew and Undying to-date.

Their recipe for success revolves around dynamic drafting decisions, plausibly thanks to Samuel “Sammyboy” Anderson. A good example is how Wildcard considers their opponents’ signature heroes, such as picking Abed’s infamous Puck.

The Wild Card team from amateur league

On paper, Wildcard Gaming isn’t anything extraordinary, since they stick to typical meta strategies. In return, Wildcard can prioritize executing their generic drafts, and often secure wonderous results. Hence, Wildcard Gaming is certainly the favorite at x1.16 versus simply TOOBASED at x4.93 odds.

Wildcard Gaming also prefers short games, where we can expect the matches to end within 31.5 minutes, raking x2.73 returns. While matches are short, Wildcard Gaming doesn’t always pursue kills, but rather force fights after their midgame heroes go active. Hence, a wager on the total kills in one map to be under 43.5 kills is rather feasible, and has x2.85 odds.

Verdict on DPC NA’s shortcomings

The final two weeks of DPC NA will be intense as EG attempts to secure their “major” slot (we know its cancelled). However, they have competition in the form of Undying and Wildcard Gaming, whose current standing could lead to a tiebreaker.

On a different note, Quincy Crew remains the most achieved candidate in DPC NA. At least until the decisive match between Quincy Crew and EG in fifth week determines the victor. As such, DPC NA 21/22 still features other matches that might pique your interest.

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