ESIC welcomes Cyber.Bet in the battle against match-fixing and corruption

Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) just announced it found a new Anti-Corruption Supporter in The provider will join a list of supporters battling match-fixing and corruption within the esports betting. The collaboration entails giving access to information needed for conducting investigations on match-fixing or betting fraud.

ESIC welcomes Cyber.Bet in the battle against match-fixing and corruption

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ESIC and Cyber.Bet in the battle against match-fixing

ESIC was established in 2015 to deal with the important issues of betting fraud and match-fixing. We have recently covered the severity of the corruption plaguing the esports industry and ESIC provides a path towards the correct outcome. Prominent members include Blast Premier, ESL and Dreamhack as well as a plethora of betting anti-corruption supporters like Betway, Unikrn, Rivalry and Arcanebet.

Among notable endeavors are the development of an Anti-Corruption Code and Anti-Doping Code specifically set to battle these important issues plaguing the esports ecosystem. In regards to and this latest partnership, the Commissioner of ESIC, Ian Smith stated:

“It is an honor to welcome as an Anti-Corruption Supporter of ESIC. By joining ESIC as an Anti-Corruption Supporter, has displayed its commitment to playing its part in maintaining the integrity of esports. joins a long list of Anti-Corruption Supporters who together make it easier for ESIC to investigate suspicious betting activity, assisting in our mission to fight cheating and betting fraud in the esports industry.” shared a similar sentiment in their own statement:

“Joining the Esports Integrity Commission is another big step for Cyber.Bet to become one of the most reliable and respectful esports bookmakers.” is already an established esports bookmaker. On top of that, they regularly support and organize tournaments fashioned Cups. The newest one is the Summer Cup 2020 and it’s currently ongoing. It is welcoming news that behind the event stands a company committed to preserving and nurturing strong competitive integrity.

We sincerely hope even more organizations will follow’s example and commit to fight cheating and betting fraud soon.

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