Coinbase expands further into esports with ESL Gaming partnership

ESL Gaming unveiled a partnership with cryptocurrency platform Coinbase earlier this week. The deal is the latest in a series of partnerships that Coinbase has aimed toward esports audiences. The exchange is increasingly becoming involved in the world of esports, sponsoring a lot of the big events. This ESL Gaming Coinbase sponsorship deal is going to see the crypto platform become the official exchange partner for a number of major ESL events, covering the rest of 2021 and going into 2022.

ESL Gaming Coinbase

ESL Gaming and Coinbase Partnership

ESL are currently one of the biggest and most well-known esports organizers operating. The company has been going since 2000, they operate tournaments in CS GO, Dota, Warcraft, Hearthstone, Rainbow Six, and a lot of other esports games. This ESL gaming and Coinbase partnership will put the crypto exchange at the front of all of these games’ esports events.

Coinbase will be sponsoring events in much the same way that other companies sponsor portions of a stream. Coinbase is a crypto exchange, a convenient platform for customers to buy and trade various cryptocurrencies. While they don’t offer the widest spread of currencies, they are by far the most mainstream. Coinbase boasts one of the biggest marketplaces of crypto buyers. They’ve helped to make coins into a much more mainstream investment. Coinbase takes an approach to crypto that makes it simple to trade, rather than requiring technical knowledge. This is what makes them perfect for deals like this. Coinbase is a good entryway into the world of crypto, and further advertising should help both grow.

Outside of physical sponsorship though, there is a possibility for different integrations. Both entities will be working to come up with unique integrations that can bring content involving Coinbase across all media types.

While this is just a sponsorship deal, the further extending of cryptocurrency into the world of esports has an interesting future. Beyond the ESL Coinbase sponsorship, the exchange already has quite a presence across exports events:

Coinbase and Esports

This ESL Gaming Coinbase partnership isn’t the first of its type. In 2021, Coinbase seems to have been taking out deals with just about esports related company that is open to it. The exchange has already partnered up with BLAST Premier. In April of this year, Coinbase began to sponsor content during BLAST events through the Spring season. Also in April, they sponsored the esports org Evil Geniuses. These opportunities are already putting Coinbase front and center in a number of different esports games.

The exchange is likely to continue expanding into crypto esports sponsorships. This makes a lot of sense given the already strong links between the two areas. Even esports betting is frequently being done in cryptocurrencies. Compared with regular sports betting, crypto esports betting on lots of events is pretty popular. So, partnering up with a crypto exchange makes a lot of sense. We’ll have to see if anything more comes of these collaborations.