ESL One Fall 2021 Playoffs Odds and Betting Analysis

The ESL One Fall 2021 was a massive bloodshed this week with unexpected upsets, notably by Team Liquid and Thunder Predator. Now, it’s down to only eight teams in the playoffs, and perhaps a little insight into what we can anticipate.

In hindsight, all three of our earlier match predictions for ESL One Fall 2021 matches panned out as predicted. We aim for yet another clean slate in terms of predictions Playoffs, as things are even clearer now.

ESL Fall 2021 Playoffs

Team Spirit vs Team Empire

The first Playoffs match kicks off Thursday, and two CIS squads face off in a grand duel. For many fans following the two rivals, this may as well be a rematch from the International 10 (TI10) CIS qualifiers. Previously, Team Spirit narrowly defeated Team Empire to claim their tickets to TI10, and many viewers even considered it a fluke.

Furthermore, Team Empire did well to hold their own in the group stage against many TI10 participants. Most notably, Empire got draws in series against powerhouses, PSG.LGD, beastcoast and Team Liquid. The only loss they had was versus Alliance, so it’s relatively decent performance for an underdog. As much as we want to side with the underdogs, the odds are against Team Empire in this match.

Team Spirit has an x1.30 odds versus Team Empire at x3.38 odds. Frankly, these odds might be giving Team Spirit slightly too much credit, so perhaps consider Empire as a reliable betting choice for once. Alternatively, I see this match easily going the distance, so Total Maps (Over 2.5) is the best option here at x2.06. vs PSG.LGD

The first upper bracket match of ESL One Fall 2021, is between VP vs PSG.LGD. Both are, of course, not only powerhouses but TI10 participants. However, the power gap between these two is considerable, with PSG.LGD being the WePlay AniMajor champs and third at the Singapore Major.

Whereas, VP has only proven their strength in their region, but never really deliver at the international level. Regardless, the Dota 2 odds are in favor of at x1.59 versus PSG.LGD at x2.30 returns.

If it isn’t already convincing enough, PSG.LGD’s good odds and consistent performance are valid points to bet on them over the other glorified choice. This is the best Dota 2 betting steal to date this season.

Tundra Esports vs beastcoast

Another upper bracket series to catch after the aforementioned is Tundra Esports vs beastcoast. For the most part, both teams aren’t the most recognized around, but they aren’t shabby to qualify for the upper bracket in ESL One Fall 2021.

Beastcoast was one of the three South American teams representing the region for TI10. Whereas Tundra Esports, albeit a mainstay in the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021), did not make the cut for TI10. It’s the harsh reality of many talented European teams when the big trios, Alliance, OG and Team Secret, monopolized the European scene.

Anyways, Tundra Esports is certainly the better all-rounder in our books. With several seasoned veteran players, such as Adrian “Fata” Trinks and Neta “33” Shapira, these folks often give Team OG a run for their money too. The odds on GG.BET reflects favorably for Tundra at x1.52 against beastcoast at x2.47 returns.

I would follow the odds favorites and bet Tundra outright.

T1 vs Alliance

Finally, we conclude the first round of playoffs with T1 and Alliance. For starters, it’s quite the shocker to know T1 and Alliance are competing in the lower bracket side of ESL One Fall 2021. For teams of such calibre, it’s nothing less than a humiliating situation to be in right now. Let’s not forget that these are teams heading for TI10 in just two months as well!

T1, the SEA representative, has had an explosive run during the latter half of DPC 2021. Securing a second runner-up just short of Evil Geniuses is undoubtedly a commendable achievement. Alliance, on the other hand, did perform consistently to ensure a direct invite spot in TI10.

As the two teams set their eyes for the lower bracket run, T1 indeed has the Dota 2 odds on their side, probably due to their better win-loss ratio from groups. However, do not let the slight gap in performance sway you from Alliance’s potential to deliver a flawless victory. Hence, if we have to say, the odds are relatively even, whereby T1 is at x1.72 while Alliance is at x2.08 odds.

With this one being a coin toss, I would go for Alliance to round out the bet slip at x14.71 return if you go to GG.BET.  These are merely the first round of games, and more intense matches will soon come at ESL One Fall 2021.