ESL One Germany to witness first elimination matches today

Two weeks since the ESL One Germany 2020 begun, we are starting to see some clear winners and soon-to-be eliminated teams. Top seeds Team Secret and OG are one victory away from securing a spot in playoffs. Bottom of the standings squads Extremum and Cyber Legacy are deciding their tournament future today.

The group stage games is still set for another 3 rounds where competition for the remaining slots will be brutal.

Lets take a look at all the stories developing at ESL One Germany thus far.

ESL One Germany to witness first elimination matches today

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El Clásico secured

Team Secret is the best team in Europe/CIS scene this year. It wasn’t much of a surprise when the maniacal bunch fooled around in their games and still won by a considerable margin. To be fair, their past few match ups were rather sloppy and nowhere close to what tier-A teams put onto the table. Still, Tempo Gaming and Yellow Submarine both suffered a similar fate facing Puppey’s team.

Team OG is keeping up with Secret’s pace too. They themselves secured two consecutive sweeps. However, OG had tougher opponents to beat in and Winstrike. Both are considered  has considered viable tier-A teams by the Dota 2 community recently.

With two series in the bag, both teams are almost set for the playoffs. To earn their spots, Secret and OG have to beat Liquid and Alliance respectively to secure their opposing spots in the bracket. The two match-ups are set for the 14th and 15th of October.

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Dota 2 still in Beta?

Natus Vincere’s debut in ESL One Germany 2020 is a special one, as they have a different roster representing their name. While the active roster is benched, FlyToMoon’s line-up was signed on a trial basis by NaVi. Their performance in the tournament has garnered quite the attention after securing a clean sweep versus Cyber Legacy.

NaVi continued to look really strong facing Team Liquid also. After snatching the first game quickly, little did they expected an unusual bug would strike at the worst possible time and tilt them into oblivion.

Mid player, Bogdan “Iceberg” Vasilenko, who was playing Silencer, bumped into a bug that rendered him from landing any auto-attack. During a crucial attack on Team Liquid’s carry player, miCKe, Silencer could not land any hit on his foe, allowing the limping enemy to escape. Worst yet, miCKe (who’s playing Juggernaut), turned around to land a painful chain of Omnislash, team-wiping Navi altogether.

The “crucial” moment was enough to break the team’s mental, as they proceeded to lose both games and are now sitting at a 1-1 scoreline.

Nigma looking shaky

Hopes were high for the return of captain KuroKy to the active roster ahead of ESL One Germany. However, once more coach Roman “rmN-” Paley had to step in and play on Nigma’s behalf. This time around the team is looking worse for wear, especially in their long winded series versus Yellow Submarine.

In their first game of ESL One Germany they had Rudy standing in for GH on top of the coach swap and it absolutely showed in their play making. Yet, even after GH’s return in Game 2, Nigma was unable to bounce back and show themselves a true top seed contender.

The second series against Tempo Esports was a bit cleaner but still not at the level we expect from Nigma nowadays. With a 1-1 scoreline they are now tied with mudgolems as the two squads are set to meet late today in what feels like a decider for early tickets to Playoffs.

If Nigma fails to deliver today, you shouldn’t put too much faith into the roster bouncing back in this event.

One loss away from elimination squad

Four teams are now at the brim of elimination at ESL One Germany 2020 . HellRaisers, EXTREMUM, Cyber Legacy and Tempo Esports are set to battle between each other to decide which are the first two teams eliminated from the event.

It would be a shame for HellRaisers’s latest addition to the pack, Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk to kick the bucket too soon. Infamously known for being the most toxic player in CIS, hes a fan favorite for many of the “edgier” personalities in Dota 2 and would be a shame to have him depart the event too soon.

Both HellRaisers and Cyber Legacy  are considered seasoned veterans, but are having a difficult time keeping afloat. EXTREMUM and Tempo Esports are both qualifier winners. Since it’s their first time being at an ESL One event, fans aren’t expecting too much from them.

The two elimination matches are set for today and tomorrow with the match ups divided as follows:

Oct 13 – EXTREMUM vs Cyber Legacy

Oct 14 – HellRaisers vs TEMPO
You can watch all the ESL One Germany 2020 action live at the official ESL Dota 2 Twitch channel.
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