EV.io First Person Shooter Crypto Game Review

EV.io is the first person shooter game that has taken the crypto esports world by storm as they have just announced their first event, via the Istanbul Blockchain week being held in November.

Whilst this event has gained some notable attraction we want to also cover the EV.io title, breaking down the fundamentals of this title and what it can do for the casual and professional blockchain gaming industries.

What is EV.io game?

As the title suggests, EV.io is a fresh new first person shooter that has implemented the popular play to earn features many are becoming to love.

This game is brought to us by Addicting Games, an online games platform that has been around since the early 2000s. They release easy access games that have players hooked. Similar to mobile phone apps. However, do not let this put you off EV.io as this could be their most groundbreaking title to date.


Image Credits | EV.io

It is built on the popular Solana blockchain which is the 4th most popular cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Whilst this is a play to earn title, in the same grouping of Axie Infinity, The Sandbox etc, this game has an extremely easy to access it. By simply typing EV.io into your browser, you instantly load up the game and are presented with a start menu.

Players do not need to purchase the game or even install it onto their PC/Laptop system. Making this one of the easiest ways to try out crypto gaming if you are a first timer!

What is the gameplay like in the EV.io game?

Nostalgia within gaming is everything these days as we see many titles from back in the day being rebooted or being rereleased for newer consoles. EV.io is following suit through their approach to the game’s gameplay and overall feel.

To put it simply this game seems like a stripped back version of Halo, the once industry leader back in the days of the original Xbox and Xbox 360 from Microsoft.

Players are able to level up their champion, the weapons they use and also the skins. When levelling “Power Level” this creates more opportunity for earning (which we cover in more depth further into this review) and playability.

The maps that are playable in the game are interactive and have got a very retro feel to them and are surprisingly vibrant . Why change something though if it works?

In total, there are 23 maps that are playable with EV.io all of which have their own unique name. They are:

  • Drought, Ancient, Hut 8, Fractal, Pawn, Dragon Temple, Enclave, Graveyard, Gypsum, Little Town 2065, Dusk, Frostbite, Intrepid, Trident, Rook, Fracture, Checkpoint, Evasion, Sanctum, Monorail, Rotation, Celarus, Bishop

Gameplay in this title SO FAR is nothing new for long-time gamers, however the early stages are a clear indication the gameplay can develop over time.

Game modes found in EV.io game

Despite being in its early beta phase, EV.io has a total of 6 versatile game modes for players to try out.


Image Credits | EV.io

They are as follows:

  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Battle Royal
  • Survival
  • Capture The Flag
  • Mayhem

EV.io has a leaderboard feature for those who band together with their friends and other users in their own clans. By completing challenges, winning games and working hard as a team, clans are able to climb the leaderboards to earn more lucrative rewards for in-game and out of game.

Play To Earn aspects of EV.io

EV.io allows players to earn money whilst they are playing the title giving players new reasons to keep playing these sorts of titles.

By completing challenges and getting kills players are able to earn the in-game currency “E” which can be exchanged both in and out of the game. As this game is built on the Solana blockchain you are able to exchange it directly to $SOL or to FIAT currency.

On average players can earn between 1 – 5 E token per kill and then all the way up to 10 E token for completing challenges and objectives. At the time of writing, 10, 000 E token is worth around $5.

To really utilise the play to earn functions you must purchase an NFT for your champion in the form of skins and/or weapons available via the Fractal Marketplace and through the EV.io game itself.

Each NFT purchase that is direct through the game is placed back into the development of the game and its ecosystem. With the current cryptocurrency winter we are witnessing, entry prices for NFTs are as low as 2 SOL, which at the time of this writing is $60. An easy price point to match when compared to other popular crypto gaming titles that are available to play.

Institutional investors can also get involved as the EV.io developers are allowing brands to advertise their marketing efforts via the games billboards and loading menus. By paying for the advertising in weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions they are further contributing to the game’s development.


Image Credits | Mobidictum

If the upcoming W3E event being held for EV.io at the Instanbul Blockchain Week is a success, we may see more competitions being held worldwide for this game. As the game is still young there is plenty of time to develop the skills necessary to make it big in the community.

As investments grow and the pool of funds is strengthened this should create more opportunity for earning as the game grows and prize distributions for playing EV.io will be increased for gamers.

Does EV.io have an online community?

EV.io has bolstered up quite the following for such a young game.

Their team is active mostly on Twitter and Discord. Their Twitter account has 10.4k followers currently which will grow exponentially over the next few months as we see the end of 2022 and the start of 2023. Discord is another popular means for building a community amongst many Web3 projects we have seen, with 11, 758 members currently active.

EV.io has also started to integrate Coinbase into their game which is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Having a recognisable Web3 brand backing a new prospect is a great sign for this title moving forward.

It will be interesting to see the success of the W3E event as players battle it out for the grand prize of $15, 000. Hopefully the popularity and notoriety for EV.io is catapulted to the moon. Be sure to check out EV.io and give the game a go yourself!